Stair Dreams – 9


Dreams about stairs relate to progress and moving forward or backward in some area of your waking life. These dreams can represent feelings of fear, falling, failure, success or challenge.
Walking or running up the stairs can have several meanings. If you are rapidly running up the stairs, you might be on the fast track to your goals or you might be leaping too quickly and missing out on something important in your waking life. When you see yourself slowly climbing up the stairs, it can be an indication that you are gaining a higher self-awareness, making progress toward a goal, moving in a positive direction, or you are on your way to achieving success. It can also mean you are reaching toward a higher consciousness.


If you are having difficulty getting up a flight of stairs or are standing still on them, this can indicate that you are stuck in some area of your life or that you are struggling, either emotionally, physically, financially or spiritually. It can also symbolize that there is no easy way to move forward in your waking life to achieve success or to solve a current problem. The bottom line is, you may be subconsciously dealing with a fear of failure and not making it to the top. If you are just standing still on the stairs in your dream, you may be struggling to know which way to proceed in a situation.


Dreaming of walking down the stairs can mean that you are experiencing emotional setbacks and doubts, or a current situation you are struggling with is deteriorating. It can also indicate that you are lapsing into negative subconscious thoughts or repressing your true emotions that have not been dealt with. This type of dream may also symbolize that there is closure with certain struggles in your life and that you are finding ways to solve specific problems.


If you trip or fall while walking up or down the stairs, this may be an indication that you have a lack of self-esteem or self-confidence. If you have a fear of walking down the stairs it can mean that you do not want to face underlying emotions and fears. If the staircase collapses beneath you in your dream, this may represent your fear of success or insecurities within your career and relationships.



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