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Meanings of the Tarot Suits

The Minor Arcana tarot cards are divided into four tarot suits: Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles. Each suit speaks to a specific facet of our daily lives. When the tarot cards are read together in a spread they reveal a collective interpretation of our lives and the journeys we all travel. To follow are short descriptions and associations of each of the four suits.
Wands: The Wands are also known as rods or staves. They correspond to clubs in a playing card deck and are associated with the Fire element and the color yellow. The suit is associated with Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. The cards are symbolic of passion, desires, creativity, energy, career and ideas.
Cups: The Cups are also known as chalices or goblets. They correspond to hearts in a playing card deck and are associated with the Water element and the color red. The suit is associated with Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. The cards are symbolic of emotions (positive and negative), love, relationships, romance, happiness, intuition, psychic abilities and spiritual connections.
Swords: The Swords are also known as blades, knives or athames. They correspond to spades in a playing card deck and are associated with the Air element and the color indigo. The suit is associated with Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. The cards are symbolic of battles within you, challenge, struggle, physical and moral conflict, action and change.
Pentacles: The Pentacles are also known as coins or discs. They correspond to diamonds in a playing card deck and are associated with the Earth element and the color green. The suit is associated with Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. The cards are symbolic of health, wealth, material possessions and the physical world. They also symbolize the realization of ideas and material gain.
Keep in mind that the impact of each tarot card can vary and its interpretation depends on the spread used, the card placement in the spread, its proximity to the positions of the other cards, the deck preference of the reader and whether the card is in the upright or reverse position. To learn about some of the many types of tarot card spreads available, CLICK HERE.
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Tarot Card for the Week of 9-2-12

With the Page of Cups as the tarot card for the week, this might not be the week to close off your emotions. Put any anxieties or fears aside. Be open to your gut feelings or even your own untapped psychic abilities.? Look into promises that people are making to you ? they may not be what they seem.? Is someone holding you back from emotional, financial or spiritual growth? At the end of the week, you decide if the Page of Cups fell in the upright or reversed position for you.


The Page of Cups, Minor Arcana, is a symbol of creativity and imagination. There is a message or some news coming your way. There might be a birth of new ideas or business. It might even symbolize the birth of a child. This is a time for you to express your feelings and do not be afraid of showing intimacy or love. Slow down and listen to your inner voice. The card symbolizes a person who is non-intimidating, gentle, loving, sensitive and highly intuitive ? even having psychic abilities. This individual has control of their energies. Accept help from a younger individual if offered. This will be one of the best gifts you can give yourself. This is not a time to sit back, you must take action on the message. The page possesses a childlike wonder, but his sensitive side can lead to becoming anxious and fearful.


You will not be getting good news. This card represents an individual who may be suffering from a grave emotional deficit. He may be subject to substance abuse. This person may end up draining you emotionally. Be aware ? this could be abusive. This person will drain you of?your creative abilities. This individual may also be very seductive and manipulative. Don’t be seduced by anyone’s empty promises. This person may interrupt or keep you from improving yourself. Also, he is a distraction to future opportunities. Beware of this young, self-centered and immature individual, for he himself is unsure. This person is shutting down your intuition and blocking any psychic messages.





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Animal Totems and Meanings

Animals, birds, reptiles, insects and mythological creatures have been used symbolically within all cultures throughout history. However, it is the Native American culture that is most often associated with the term animal totems. These totems are animal spirit guides who serve as messengers and are with us throughout our physical and spiritual lives to help us gain insights, self-awareness, enhance our connection to the past and even see glimpses of future events.


In the true sense, specific animal instincts and characteristics represent the qualities that we humans should learn to emulate. However, because we lead such busy and complicated lives, often there is no time for self-reflection. Having animal totems surround us gives us pause to reflect and perhaps make important changes for the better to our mind, body and spirit. At times, they can come into our lives when we are at a crossroads or during times of major decision-making.


Each specific animal has its own cycle of power. This cycle is the time at which the animal can pass on his most important messages and powerful energies to you. For example, the bear has a cycle of power that is spring and summer, because he is not as active during the winter months when he spends some of that time hibernating. However, the bear leave the den out of necessity during hibernation to sustain him. He can still send you very strong messages and lessons in times other than during his cycle of power.


You may be wondering how you can access your animal totems or how you can find out which ones are guiding you. One or more may be revealed. Listening to the animals around you will help you form a connection. Animal totems can also come to you as a vision in your dreams or through meditation. Pose these questions to yourself: Are there animals who you have been fascinated with since you were a child? Is there a type of animal who represents your personality? What animal have you felt a certain kinship with? Which animals are you the most fearful of?


This will begin the process of learning who your animal totems are. Study the habits and characteristics of those specific animals and try to discover how those things can apply to your own life or to a message the animal is trying to convey to you. If it is an animal you are fearful of, it may be a lesson in how you might overcome your fears in certain areas of your life. Also, if you find an animal is suddenly near you or one that comes into your life out of extraordinary circumstances, take notice. Watch its behavior ? how does it appear, is it content, where is it looking, what is it doing? Look for the subtleties, as these will help decipher if it is sending a message to you.



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Chakra Alignment and Benefits

Use the interactive chart below to explore the different chakras and their meanings. Aligning the chakras is not only important for a healthy mind, body and spirit, but proper balance between them can open the doorway to psychic abilities and development. Once you understand the impact each chakra has, as well as its location within the body, you will be able to perform and visualize the following chakra alignment meditation.


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Find a place that is free of noise and distractions. Light a scented candle or a chakra energy candle. Select an image to focus on in your mind. Some people use a mandala, a beautiful set of geometric shapes layered on top of one another. It is essential to lie down flat on your back or sit in a comfortable chair with your feet touching the ground.


Close your eyes and begin to take a long, slow deep breath and inhale through your nose. Hold it in for one second and breathe out through your mouth. Imagine you are inhaling a ?plus? sign and exhaling a ?minus? sign.


You might want to play some soft background music or use a mantra to assist you in quieting your mind. A mantra is a word or short phrase that you repeat to yourself. This will help shut off unwanted mental chatter.


Continue breathing at this slow, deep pace. Inhale the plus signs. Exhale the minus signs. You are breathing in prana ? universal life-force energy.


Good. Keep breathing at this pace for a while. Do this until you feel a calmness throughout your entire body and mind.


Notice your arms and legs being supported by the bed or chair. Listen to the background music or even a ticking clock. Focus on your mantra. Take in the smell of the candle. Be aware of any good tastes in your mouth and keep it moist.


Start to imagine an escalator moving slowly upward into a multitude of colored mists. Step on the escalator.


As it moves upward, it slows down as it approaches a red colored mist. This red mist represents your root chakra and its energy flowing from the lower part of your body. Breathe it in deeply. Hold it. Let it out slowly. Tell yourself that you are physically grounded and that this energy can flow freely up throughout your whole body.


As the escalator continues to move, the red mist changes to a bright orange mist, which represents your sacral chakra. The mist is flowing from the area of your navel. Breathe it in deeply. Hold it. Let it out slowly. Tell yourself that you are virile and creative. Visualize the energy from the red mist flowing freely into the orange mist.


The next mist is a bright canary yellow, which represents your solar plexus chakra. It emanates from just above your navel. Breathe it in deeply. Hold it. Let it out slowly. Tell yourself that you are disciplined and intuitive. Your gut feelings are real. See the red and orange mists flowing into the yellow.


The escalator now moves toward a bright green mist, which flows from your heart and chest. Breathe it in deeply. Hold it. Let it out slowly. This is the area of your heart chakra. Communicate to yourself that you are loved and that you love unconditionally. Forgiveness allows this energy to move forward.


The mists of red, orange, yellow and green are now connecting to a vivid turquoise/aqua mist. This mist, which represents your throat chakra, is radiating from your throat. Breathe it in deeply. Hold it. Let it out slowly. Express to yourself that you are communicative and creative. Now see all these colors streaming into a mist of indigo.


This indigo colored mist emerges from the brow area above your eyes. Breathe it in deeply. Hold it. Let it out slowly. This is the energy from your third eye or brow chakra, through which you can see beyond the physical world. See it shoot out into the universe. Now reaffirm your wisdom and extrasensory abilities.


Look down the escalator at all the colors aligned together and connecting to a deep violet mist at the top of your head. This is your crown chakra. Deeply breathe in the Divine violet mist. Hold it. Let it out slowly. Tell yourself that you have a greater understanding of your inner and outer self. You are at this moment one with the universe.


You have just completed an alignment of your chakras. As you arise from your current position, reflect on the feelings that you have experienced. Repeat this exercise over and over. Eventually, you will start to get a stronger connection to your psychic self. If you encounter disarray on your life, this meditation will help you to achieve self-balance, which, in turn, smooths your journey of developing your psychic abilities.



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It’s All in the Head Lines

The head line, also known as the wisdom line (considered one of the most important lines in Chinese palmistry), reveals mental and psychological makeup and intellectual development and intuitive abilities. This line begins just above the life line, between the thumb and the index finger and runs across the palm toward the other edge of the palm horizontally. Sometimes the head line begins directly on the life line and extends out from there. This means that you have a strong will ? mind over matter. Forked lines are also sometimes called the writer’s fork or the lawyer’s fork.


Listed below are the meanings of the various shapes, depths and lengths of the?head line:




Long ? Indicates intelligence and a good memory. Represents an individual who thinks things through and does not overreact. They look at many possibilities before taking action.

Very long, extending across entire palm ? Indicates a very successful individual and not the cowardly type. May have a tendency to be selfish.

Long and straight ? Indicates a versatile, complex individual.

Straight ? This indicates an individual who is realistic, down-to-earth, unimaginative, materialistic, logical, good organizational skills or a having great attention to detail.

Short ? This indicates a practical and non-complex individual and someone who does not beat around the bush.

Deep ? This denotes an excellent memory, concentration and a sensible nature.

Wavy ? This signifies inner conflict with an individual?s practical and emotional sides. It can also indicate an individual who is untrustworthy, restless, unstable or has a short attention span.

Curved or sloping ? Indicates a romantic and creative and idealistic individual who is open to new ideas and is not afraid to investigate concepts or beliefs. This person trusts his inklings and intuition.

Faint ? This signifies and inability to concentrate or a lack of common sense, a daydreamer.

Broken ? Indicates inconsistent thinking or nervousness and mental exhaustion.

Crosses ? These indicate the vital and crucial decisions made in one?s life that can have a direct impact on your fate in your life.

Chained ? This signifies an individual who is undergoing personal conflict, melancholy or confusion and can have a problem setting positive goals.

Forked ? If the line ends with a strong fork, it is called a writer?s fork or lawyer?s fork. This person enjoys debate and can see both sides of an issue. This indicates great imagination and someone who uses his psychic powers and writing and speaking abilities throughout life.

Hooked ? This indicates a self-centered, untrustworthy individual. If the hook is low in the palm, the individual can be miserly, selfish and cheap.

Branches ? These signify events that are yet to come. They can also represent distractions that take an individual off his intellectual path.

Branched upward ? Signifies positive outcomes and success in career, academics and creativity. Sometimes indicates having big dreams without being centered.

Branched downward ? Signifies signs of struggle, possible depression, sorrow and distress and disappointments in certain points in life.

Absent ? Extremely rare, but it can possibly indicate laziness, sluggishness, dullness or even detachment from reality.

Sister ? This can indicate increased brainpower. It can also represent a pleasant person or the direct opposite ? a cruel person.




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