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Benefits of Meditation

Meditation works on many levels: by contributing to our physical and mental well-being, by enhancing the immune system and by reducing the effects of stress. Meditation provides a deeper spiritual connection for many people and can have a significant effect on their personal growth and development.


One important benefit of meditation is improved concentration, which is why many athletes and sports professionals practice it. There have been a number of studies conducted that concluded there is a direct correlation between concentration exercises such as meditation and significant increases in athletic performance.


Another benefit of meditation for many people is improved sleep. Not only do they find it easier to get to sleep, but they also find that the quality of their sleep is better. This has a direct impact on stress levels, as people find it easier to cope with everyday stressors when well rested. It is often reported that meditation helps to put problems into perspective, which further decreases levels of anxiety and stress.


In our increasingly frenetic world, taking time out to practice meditation can provide you with an oasis of calm that sustains the rest of your day. When a mind is allowed to simply let go and just be, it often becomes more creative and more able to problem-solve. Meditation can also provide benefits far beyond those enjoyed by the individual. It can have a profound effect on society in general. This is one reason that some schools require 20-minute meditations for each student. Results have shown that students who do meditate become more calm and focused and can better cope with their studies.


As we become more aware of the need for a holistic approach to health and well-being, this formerly esoteric practice is now more widely accepted. People are turning to meditation to find the inner security and sense of peace that is so often missing from modern life. They are seeking the nurturing they need to sustain them through lives that are far more complex than ever before. This ancient art is deservedly experiencing a revival. In its simplicity, there lies the answer to so many of our modern ailments. Meditation is here to stay and can only increase in popularity as more people discover its benefits.


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