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Seeing a Hearse Go By

The hearse is a most notorious icon of death and mourning. Numerous superstitions, gestures and beliefs are connected to this vehicle. Just the mere sight of a hearse can stir up many emotions about our own mortality.


Since the time of horse drawn hearses, a common belief was that if you saw a hearse, you would be the next to die. To avoid such a horrible curse, in Victorian times, it was believed that holding a button could ward off this demise. Others held a button until they saw a bird. Some people would go as far as to hold their breath, close their eyes and put their feet up in the air.


Another old belief is that a hearse drawn by two horses (especially white ones) signified a death would happen in the neighborhood in the very near future.


One of the more interesting traditions about hearses passing by is taken from Japanese culture. Hiding one?s thumb in a fist while the hearse passed was done to protect the parents from an early death. (The thumb is a representation of the ?parent? finger, called ”oya yubi” in Japanese.)


Another superstition is based on which direction you see the hearse moving. If the hearse is moving toward you and empty, it is considered good luck in some parts of the United States. In other areas of the U.S., it could bring on three days of good or bad luck. On the other hand, if a hearse is empty and moving away from you, you are close to death.


Some people believe that if they see their reflection in the window of a hearse, it is a bad sign. No matter what, a hearse is the sign of imminent death. Most people have some type of superstitions about seeing one, and most of us will be unable to avoid being the passenger in one way or another. And by the way, you don?t ever want to be the first person to drive a brand new hearse ? it is definitely bad luck.


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Tarot Card for the Week of 7-8-12

According to the tarot card, this week is a time to evaluate how you look at situations. Are you overly emotional, or are you reasoned in your judgments?? This may be a time when?you need to mourn physical or emotional?losses. At the end of the week, you?decide if the Queen of Swords fell in the upright or reversed position for?you.



UPRIGHT: The Queen of Swords card, Minor Arcana, signifies an intelligent and courageous person. You keep your emotions in check and do not reveal them to others. You solve problems and connect to others intellectually. This is not a time to make decisions based on emotions. You must gather all the facts and balance the pros with the cons. When you allow sympathy and emotions to overrule your logic, this causes you to become unbalanced and irrational. You are usually unbiased in judgments of others or in tough situations. You do not skirt around the truth and you tell it like it is. At some point you may have suffered a deep emotional or physical loss. And it is not uncommon for you to be on your own, separated or widowed.
REVERSED: This card indicates that you are no longer looking objectively at a situation. There is a distortion of the true facts. Emotions are getting in the way of logic. You may be possibly negating another person’s feelings in deference to your own. You appear removed and having a cold heart.? It may be you have gotten yourself into a relationship that has started to distort your clear thinking. This has become a distraction to your goals. It also may indicate the presence of a woman in your life with a hard exterior, however her coldness is covering up her feelings of loneliness and despair. This may not be a good time to confide in her, as she is prone to malicious gossip. Some things are better left unsaid around this individual. She may come across as an ally, however her motives are different.






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