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Tarot Card for the Week of 11-20-16

The tarot cards hold special meanings, warnings, characteristics and actions that may need to be taken in order to change your course in life. Keep in mind that some aspects are changeable and some are not. It is all up to you. With the Queen of Swords, Minor Arcana, as the tarot card for the week of 11-20-16, this is a week in which you may be called upon to help a despondent and bitter woman come to terms with her underlying issues. However, your point of view may fall on deaf ears. But be wary of her ulterior motives. She has a tendency to gossip and spread rumors. You might also run into someone who has the ability to give you some good advice through intuition. But use your own intuition to guide you as to whom you should confide in. There may be a woman who is claiming to be your ally, however, she is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The Queen of Swords card represents a woman with a hard exterior which she uses to cover up her inner feelings of loneliness. At the end of the week, you decide if the Queen of Swords fell in the upright or reversed position for you.


The Queen of Swords card, Minor Arcana, signifies an intelligent and courageous person. You keep your emotions in check and do not reveal them to others. You solve problems and connect to others intellectually. This is not a time to make decisions based on emotions. You must gather all the facts and balance the pros with the cons. When you allow sympathy and emotions to overrule your logic, this causes you to become unbalanced and irrational. You are usually unbiased in judgments of others or in tough situations. You do not skirt around the truth and you tell it like it is. At some point you may have suffered a deep emotional or physical loss. And it is not uncommon for you to be on your own, separated or widowed.
This card indicates that you are no longer looking objectively at a situation. There is a distortion of the true facts. Emotions are getting in the way of logic. You may be possibly negating another person’s feelings in deference to your own. You appear removed and have a cold heart. It may be you have gotten yourself into a relationship that has started to distort your clear thinking. This has become a distraction to your goals. It also may indicate the presence of a woman in your life with a hard exterior, however her coldness is covering up her feelings of loneliness and despair. This may not be a good time to confide in her, as she is prone to malicious gossip. Some things are better left unsaid around this individual. She may come across as an ally, however her motives are different.






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Stair Dreams ? The Ups and Downs


Dreams about stairs relate to progress and moving forward or backward in some area of your waking life. These dreams can represent feelings of fear, falling, failure, success or challenge.


Walking or running up the stairs can have several meanings. If you are rapidly running up the stairs, you might be on the fast track to your goals or you might be leaping too quickly and missing out on something important in your waking life. When you see yourself slowly climbing up the stairs, it can be an indication that you are gaining a higher self-awareness, making progress toward a goal, moving in a positive direction, or you are on your way to achieving success. It can also mean you are reaching toward a higher consciousness.


If you are having difficulty getting up a flight of stairs or are standing still on them, this can indicate that you are stuck in some area of your life or that you are struggling, either emotionally, physically, financially or spiritually. It can also symbolize that there is no easy way to move forward in your waking life to achieve success or to solve a current problem. The bottom line is, you may be subconsciously dealing with a fear of failure and not making it to the top. If you are just standing still on the stairs in your dream, you may be struggling to know which way to proceed in a situation.


Dreaming of walking down the stairs can mean that you are experiencing emotional setbacks and doubts, or a current situation you are struggling with is deteriorating. It can also indicate that you are lapsing into negative subconscious thoughts or repressing your true emotions that have not been dealt with. This type of dream may also symbolize that there is closure with certain struggles in your life and that you are finding ways to solve specific problems.


If you trip or fall while walking up or down the stairs, this may be an indication that you have a lack of self-esteem or self-confidence. If you have a fear of walking down the stairs it can mean that you do not want to face underlying emotions and fears. If the staircase collapses beneath you in your dream, this may represent your fear of success or insecurities within your career and relationships.






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The Labyrinth ? A Healing Experience


A labyrinth is a single geometrical winding pathway, usually acorn shaped, varying in size and used for personal, psychological and spiritual renovation. It is a sacred space with healing powers that can assist in meditation, prayer, self-awareness and connection with the Divine. Labyrinths have existed for more than 4000 years and have been an integral part of many ancient cultures and religions. During the time of the Crusades, people created and used labyrinths to symbolize the physical pilgrimage to the Holy Land. They have also been depicted on pottery and in woven fabric patterns. Some labyrinths are carved out in gardens or simply made of stones or gravel. If you do not have room to create your own walking labyrinth, you can use a drawing and trace its path with your finger. (See drawing below.) You can achieve the same benefits as walking through one. You might also try tracing the path using your non-dominant hand for an additional challenge.


A labyrinth is a unicursal maze ? one path that begins at the entrance or mouth, which leads to its center and goes back out the same way. In contrast, a conventional maze is a left-brain exercise that requires the use of logic to find your way out. It is designed to stimulate the right brain, which unleashes creativity and intuition, and to give you the ability to enter a form of walking meditative state. There are no walls on the path to block site of the center goal or to block your way out.


Labyrinths represent a metaphor for your life path and the journey you are making. While walking the path of the labyrinth, either alone or with a group, focus on your feelings and emotions to allow you to connect with yourself. You may also want to choose a meditation that you are comfortable with in order to clear and quiet your mind. The uses of a labyrinth are many ? relief from stress and anxiety, healing, meditation, problem solving, enhancing intuition, expanding thought processes, communicating with the Divine, balancing mind, body and spirit, letting go of unwanted energies, obtaining goals, celebrating and remembering others, building trust in yourself or others, and coping with grief, sorrow and loss.


When walking a labyrinth, leave yourself open to the different emotions that may overcome you. You may experience feelings of euphoria or feelings of despair. Whatever feelings rise to the surface, accept them as a healing experience and an opportunity for growth on your path in life.?
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