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What is Evidential Psychic Mediumship?


Individuals usually seek out a psychic medium in the hope of contacting a loved one who has passed on to the other side. They yearn to receive a message from their loved one to be able to find comfort, as well as to validate the existence of an afterlife. The closest most people have come to experiencing this form of mediumship has been on the television. Psychic mediums such as John Edward, John Holland, Sylvia Brown and James Van Praagh select individuals from their audiences and begin to give them specific names and details that only those chosen would know. Also events, illnesses and dates are revealed through these psychic mediums.


This form of mediumship is called evidential psychic mediumship. The medium is able to give the client direct evidence, which proves he or she is truly connecting and communicating with people from the spirit world. ?The initial clue for the medium may not be the specific individual who has passed, it might be a possession of the individual, like a piece of jewelry or article of clothing or a name. Another initial clue might be another individual who has passed, who then serves as a catalyst for contacting the specified individual in spirit.The medium may also bring up names of people that are still very much alive who have or had some connection in your past or present.


As the psychic medium continues to gather clues and direct evidence, he or she will give the client direct names, places, events, illnesses, or maybe even an obscure song that had sentimental value. The medium may also provide details about a pet or an animal that played a role in the individual?s life For the client, this information further validates the accuracy and true connection to the spirit world. Skeptics may get impatient with the medium, especially if the medium is insistent about some information that is coming through and continually mentions a certain name. Usually, if the client does not initially recognize a name coming through, he or she will at some point in time, even days after the reading is over.


Psychic Library endorses all true psychics, however keep in mind that not all of them are evidential psychic mediums. For example, some psychics use the sciences of astrology, numerology and tarot in their readings. Others use techniques to help with healing work of the mind, body and spirit. These types of readings can be just as rewarding as one from an evidential psychic medium. It is just that the outcomes from these readings are not evidence based.


You may seek out a reading for its entertainment value, which is fine. However, oftentimes the reading becomes a very comforting and healing experience. In seeking a psychic medium, make sure you have the correct expectations and that you make sure you choose someone reputable. Your loved ones will come through with the right medium. However, you alone will be the ultimate judge of their credentials. A reading may also give you a little bit of faith that your loved ones are living in spirit and are surrounding you even now.



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