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Connecting with the Other Side

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Psychic mediums have the ability to connect with loved ones who have passed, as well as to know the names of those who are living that have played or are playing significant roles in an individual?s life. They are also able to pick up on a person?s career, travel plans or current events that may be impacting one?s life. Psychic Library’s psychic medium, Donnie Tash, who is also one of its founders, has often been asked to describe what happens and what it looks like when he communicates with someone’s loved one who has passed. He does not go into a trance, the names and information are just there in his mind, and all he does is relay it back to the person. He prefers to call the process “harnessing their energies.” These energies are the spirits.?



By Donnie Tash


Each of us carries within ourselves the imprints of our past and current experiences, sensitivities and vulnerabilities ? what I refer to as invisible tattoos or veiled scars. I have a heightened sensitivity to some people?s imprints. These imprints are vibrations that translate to my mind?s eye as images and past events, most of which relate to people (living or dead) who have been involved in a person?s life or those who are currently playing a role in it. My intuition also plays an important role when I feel that something new or challenging is about to happen in someone?s life.


Many people want to know what the Other Side looks like. It?s not like I get a peek into where these people go, or that I have to pass through a lighted white tunnel, as so many people have reported after a near-death experience (NDE). I get pictures in my mind, somewhat clear. Then I see a jigsaw puzzle of facts and thoughts that fit in with those pictures.


Think about it, when you put together a real jigsaw puzzle, you start with the pieces on the outer edge to make things easier; then eventually everything connects, and all of those smaller, single pieces fit together. Sometimes though, I am given the center piece of the puzzle and work my way out. However, the person who is getting the reading may not put all the pieces together during a reading because things move at such a rapid pace. It may take a while for all of the pieces to fit and some people might not connect them for even a day or two.


People who have passed on are sometimes very clear to me. Those who are ready to come through are at times just standing there. A person may come to a reading in the hopes of contacting a specific individual who has passed; however, sometimes another individual may come through to me with a totally different message. This is something a psychic has no control over. But during that same reading, bits and pieces may be revealed about the initial individual the person wanted to contact. In fact, sometimes people appear just to jar the individual?s memory.


When people from the other side speak through me, it?s as if I have a cell phone in my head and I?m receiving an audio text message. Try to envision that you are recalling a conversation you have had with someone. That?s exactly how I hear them. I then start getting a name, and more and more details start to show up. By sitting down and thinking a bit longer, more details do appear. I often get visual snippets of images of either the person or of something that relates to them, for example, something they had owned or a hobby they enjoyed.


Names, at times, can be tricky for me. I might only get sounds of single letters that appear in the name, or I might get garbled groups of sounds. For example, note the similarity between the names Barbara and Rebecca. In another example, I might ask: Who?s name contains a strong, dominant sounding letter L? Then I may think of Lilly or Alison. However, sometimes a name or nickname will just come through very clear and precise. I will ask the person receiving the reading: What does this person mean to you? Or Who did you refer to with this name?


All in all, remember that psychic readings go very quickly. You may not understand all of the messages during the reading, but give it some time. You will figure it out and it will make sense. As a psychic medium, I do appreciate it when someone who has gotten a reading from me lets me know that they understand the connections made and have fit all of the pieces together.




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Let the Spirits Do the Writing



Automatic writing or drawing is the act of putting pen to paper and automatically and spontaneously producing writings or drawings without forethought or prior knowledge of what to write or draw. Automatic writing is used as a tool for therapists, writers and psychics.
As a therapeutic modality, psychologists and psychotherapists use it to help patients tap into their subconscious mind and thoughts. This gives the patient and therapist a better understanding of what may be repressed and what is going on in the subconscious mind. To accomplish this, some therapists have used hypnosis to relax their patients into a trance-like state so that the conscious mind chatter does not get in the way of the writing or drawing.
Automatic writing is also an excellent tool to help writer?s suffering from ?writer?s block.? It helps hone in writing skills and sparks creative ideas in the conscious mind. Practicing this technique opens up and unblocks the writer?s abilities and talents.
During the time of the Spiritualist movement in the mid-1800s, automatic writing was accepted as a way for psychics and even ordinary people to connect with the spirit world. It is also known as ?spirit? or ?trance? writing and it continues to be a widely used divination today. Many people practicing this divination claim that as the spirit or entity sends messages through them, it feels as though the spirit is moving the arm and hand over the paper.
Although you are probably more used to a computer for writing these days, it is best to use pen and paper due to the fact that they give you the ability to draw images or symbols.
Find a quiet place and a comfortable chair and table. Clear your mind of the unwanted chatter, as it can be distracting and block the flow. It is a good idea to meditate as a calming exercise. (If you are using it as a divination tool, keep in mind that when connecting with the spirit world, there are some people who have channeled negative energies or spirits. Ask for protection from a higher power before you begin. Call on any spirits that might be near you or around you. Give the spirit permission to channel through your writing or drawing.) Do not allow your mind to filter out anything that is coming through. Just allow messages to flow, even if you don?t know quite where they fit in. When you have completed the writing or drawing, contemplate on what messages you received. Put away your pen or computer until your next session.
No matter for what purpose your use of automatic writing or drawing is intended, don?t get discouraged if it seems not to make sense right away. Over time and with patience and practice, it will start to flow and you will begin to reap its benefits.



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Psychic Survival Tips for the Holidays

With the holiday season upon us, you might notice your stress levels rising. Like it or not, you will be close to family, friends, co-workers and even strangers. Emotions run high during office and dinner parties, shopping malls and waiting in long lines. To get through this time of year with little or no emotional damage, take a tip from the psychics.
Whether or not you are psychic, you can use these methods to protect yourself from harboring another person?s negative emotions, either from the physical or spirit worlds. Your mind and body are great receivers. Sensitivity to stimuli around you triggers gut feelings on an emotional level. Although you cannot avoid all of your emotional responses, you can protect yourself from many of the unwanted ones. These negative feelings may not have come from within you; they may have come from an outside source.


The auras around your body reveal information about your emotions and responses. Because you can project your auras to others, this makes you vulnerable to other people?s aura projections.


For example, some people have difficulty being in large crowds or get the feeling that someone is sucking out all of their positive energies, like a psychic vampire. This makes them feel dizzy and closed in ? not feeling like themselves and even having disturbing dreams. Whether you are a psychic, empath, intuitive, highly sensitive person or a healer working with energies, you have probably experienced these feelings at some time in your life.


At times it is difficult to identify the cause of your discomfort. It can take a lot of soul searching and insight into your encounters with others. It may take another psychic to help pinpoint the source, as he or she is sensitive to positive and negative energies, and particularly to those coming from the spirit world.


For example, you may be enjoying yourself at a party and all of a sudden you experience a downward spiral and anxiety. You feel overwhelmed, want to get out and do not understand why. Don’t blame yourself. These feelings might be caused by another individual at the party who is harboring negative energy or a lot of sadness due to either his/her own bad memories about the holidays or is reminded of a tragedy or death that occurred during this time of year. This would be an instance in which you could implement psychic protection techniques. If this situation has happened before, it would be a good idea to perform the protection exercises prior to attending any party or gathering. There are quite a few simple solutions and ones that work rather quickly.


The following steps should be taken in order to keep you protected from invasion. Stay physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy. Focus on personal grounding. When you are weak in any of these areas you are more susceptible to illness and depression. Many meditations focus on grounding, particularly those that incorporate the chakras. Balanced and aligned chakras are a main factor in keeping your auras healthy and protected. A heightened sense of awareness and good feeling will be realized.


Also, you can visualize that your body is being showered with an imaginary bubble of white light. This white light is your protection. It emotionally guards you from the negative energies and feelings that are projected on you from others. Continue by imagining your auras glowing in a bright, blue light. This visualization amplifies your positive emotions of morality, good and love. There is no room for any opposing energies.


Finally, call upon your angels, spirit guides and God for protection. With their assistance, you will further empower yourself and be shielded from any psychic attacks or negative attachments.



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