Tarot Card for the Week of 4-17-16

The tarot cards hold special meanings, warnings, characteristics and actions that may need to be taken in order to change your course in life. Keep in mind that some aspects are changeable and some are not. It is all up to you. With the Nine of Pentacles, Minor Arcana, as the tarot card for the week of 4-17-16, this will be the week to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labors. Never lose sight of how you overcame the hurdles that stood in your way. Those obstacles were part of the process. You should applaud yourself for all of your efforts and take pride in the fact that you accomplished your goals single-handedly. However, there is no shame in asking others for assistance. This may also be the week you find out that unexpected money may be coming your way. Be mindful of any underlying fears you may be harboring, as they will take away from your achievements. This is the time to use your intuition in all business dealings and relationships. Stay away from gossip as it may come back and bite you. This card may also be a warning about an untrustworthy individual lurking nearby or that you need to question your own motives is a particular situation.


Nine of Pentacles, Minor Arcana, symbolizes inner satisfaction. Take pleasure in all that you have accomplished. You are enjoying the benefits of your hard work. You are at peace with yourself. This card suggests that you are comfortable with independence and solitude and trusting your own judgment. You no longer solely rely on others to make a move. Money is flowing well right now, so treat yourself to some of the luxuries you have denied yourself for so long. But you need to realize that money does not make up for emotional deficits. However, this is also the time to move closer to nature. This will be spiritually rewarding. Your intuition will be running high. Trust your gut. When it comes to partnerships or relationships, your own growth should never be sacrificed for someone else. You might also reap the benefits of an unexpected inheritance or that old financial issues may be settled. It might also be a settlement from a divorce. Whatever might ail you physically, will be easily resolved.
Money is disappearing. Take stock of your lifestyle and cut back your spending where necessary. There may be bad investments that are not paying off or expenses you did not count on. Your financial security is suddenly and unexpectedly threatened, perhaps by an untrustworthy individual. Your resources for money to expand your business are running out. Research your previous mistakes. Ask yourself: Have I been honest? Or have I deceived? Was I thinking clearly, or shooting from the hip with regard to my finances? It may also indicate an individual who is corrupt and plays off the weakness and lack of knowledge of others. This may be a time when you should not isolate yourself. You do have a lot to give to others and should not shut down. If you are beginning a new venture, do not get involved in deceitful or underhanded deals. Idle gossip and dishonest behavior will only reflect badly on you. Have you put your financial hunger in front of your relationships? There is a lot to be lost if you have. Start to be more introspective of your actions and learn to use common sense.






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