Tarot Card for the Week of 7-20-14

The tarot cards hold special meanings, warnings, characteristics and actions that may need to be taken in order to change your course in life. Keep in mind that some aspects are changeable and some are not. It is all up to you. With the Tower card, Major Arcana, as the tarot card for the week of 7-20-14, this may be the week of change. It will be important to brace yourself for some irritating and troublesome situations in order to reap the benefits of positive outcomes and change. There is the possibility that you will feel you are at the point of hopelessness, but bear with it. This is the week to dig down to your core and get in touch with your humility and inner wisdom. Being a know-it-all alone will not serve you well. You may feel that relationships, a business, finances or career are crumbling, which may be due in part to unsteady foundations to begin with. It is your choice now to decide how to build a firmer one. Expect and accept the rapid changes in your life ? they are beyond your control. What has taken place in the past may be hindering your progress going forward. It is important to look at your own behavior and beliefs, as these may also be holding you hostage. This may be the week that you need to make that decision to implement a new start. If you suffer a physical injury, don’t overreact because it may not be as damaging as you think it is. Any feelings of being sabotaged are of your own doing. It is time to take a good look at yourself and determine if you are being your own worst enemy. Remember never to abuse any power or authority given to you. This is also the week to beware of any people who might be misrepresenting themselves to you. At the end of the week you decide if the Tower card fell in the upright or reversed position for you.





The Tower card represents those things you are unwilling to face but must or those things that you have no choice over. It indicates that something will be torn down or shattered violently. There is an indication that your ego may be deflated. You may suffer bankruptcy, severe conflict within your career, a devastating relationship loss, even a possible separation, divorce or imprisonment. Your life is in a state of upheaval. There will be a period of disorder, and there may be loss. Expect setbacks and emotional turmoil. However, there is a possible light at the end of the tunnel to relieve and free you. Even though you might find this overwhelming, the card insists that you make changes and look for the good in them. You may find yourself moving out of your current home and/or a change in occupations. Positive outcomes can occur from this card. Truths will be laid bare, revelations and breakthroughs are not only possible, but likely, and nothing spurs creativity like a good dose of chaos and confusion. In the end, it is likely that the replacement of what was lost in the fall of the Tower will be worth the loss.
In the reversed position, the Tower card can signify a fear of change, staying in a rut, procrastination, caught in a bad situation, change avoidance and escaping disaster. You might have a loss of your job or financial setbacks. You must take responsibility for your actions. You have possibly misused certain power or authority that you possess. You may be blamed for things you have not done and you must face these allegations with courage. You may experience some changes in relationships. This is a time to take a look to the future and prepare yourself to change for the better. If you resist these changes, you are setting yourself up for a fall. You have no control over the outcome, however, there might be a last minute saving grace or epiphany for you.





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