Ten of Cups


The Ten of Cups, Minor Arcana, is the card in which we count our blessings. All is right with your? friendships, relationships, family and the world. The harmony you have been longing for has arrived. Your family is finally able to get along and you feel true and unconditional love. You are basking in a devoted give and take environment. If single, a commitment is in the works. This is the time your intuition is high and you can trust your gut. You will know the best and next right thing to do. A new cycle is around the corner. Satisfaction and love are felt internally because of the love you share deeply with others. You feel complete. You can realize your dreams because you have worked for them through love and self-respect.


You are on the verge of losing something very precious to you, which will affect you deeply. Speak from your heart, and reveal any feelings you have been internalizing. All that feels right may change. Where there was harmony, friction and discord are rearing their ugly faces. You may becoming manipulative, which will cause the loss of friends. Your behavior is showing disregard toward society. You are experiencing feelings of betrayal from your loved ones. You are more concerned with the acquisition of material things, instead of love and harmony.





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