Ten of Pentacles

Ten of? Pentacles, Minor Arcana, is never a negative card in this position. Prosperity and material and financial security is indicated. It can also mean that there is a family relationship with money, such as a thriving family business, trust fund or a loan made to a family member. This is a time you should look to your family for support ? emotional, as well as financial. If you find another family member in need, you will be able to repay him/her for the help you received. Don’t discard tradition. Family ties and customs are extremely important. A possible partnership is on the horizon. Emotionally you are gratified. Selecting this card in a reading can signify a possible relationship with somebody of means.
On a spiritual level, you have learned that it is better to give than to receive. The card signifies spiritual growth. Due to your positive family support, if you have any emotional deficits or unresolved issues, the family will comfort you. You may also experience community or group recognition due to your social standing or your own abilities. There could be a health related problem with a pet ? pay close attention, their loyalty deserves it. Nip it in the bud before it escalates.
This card refers to family problems and pressure, usually involving money. Family arguments and disputes over money may be the result of the division of assets after the death of a family member. You may feel that there was tampering with the will. It is possible that? family members could be becoming a financial burden. They may even be unappreciative of your efforts to assist them. Perhaps your family members or people claiming to have your best interests at heart,? do not approve of the way you are handling your own finances and personal affairs. They may be manipulative and trying to control you, which is holding you back. You may want to get some good legal advice.
However, it could be that your current financial status is at risk and you are unaware. Financial worries may have taken over peace of mind. But do keep an eye on your money. Another aspect of this card can signify that there could be a robbery, either by someone you know or don’t know. Larceny rears its ugly face. Due to all the disharmony brought on because of the monetary struggles, it may be draining you of your energy. At times, you find it hard to motivate yourself.





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