Ten of Wands


The Ten of Wands card, Minor Arcana, is that of burdens and martyrs. You are getting closer to your goals. Nervousness is evident, but your drive is re-emerging. Being a workaholic is causing you to neglect many other areas of your life, which are just as necessary and important. Victory is certain if you follow your vision. You have unconditional support. There is a tendency to take on the troubles and burdens of others. You are handling more than others do for themselves. You have untapped energy which is hidden due to all that you are carrying. However, you are close to reaching your goals.
Some self-doubt may be getting in your way. Change is necessary but look for nurturing. Unexpected support will show its face. The end result will be promising. Relief is in sight. Much of the burdens you have taken on are on their way out. Now is the time to delegate authority, share responsibility and let go of trying to control all situations. You might feel slighted or unappreciated by those you are helping. But your efforts will soon be rewarded.



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