The Human Design System

“The Human Design System* is a mechanical model for describing our individual and collective processes (biological and psychological). This model is composed of 9 centers transposed on a bodygraph with 64 transmitters or gates creating 36 channels,much like a grid, circuit board, or highway system. Each of these transmitters has a name and function. These centers are either ON consistently or work inconsistently as indicated by activation.


These activations are governed by the time and place of your birth, which is the moment the individual template was imprinted and represents the screen upon which the succeeding moments of your life are projected. This is called the conditioning field.
Through an interpretation of this template, the pattern and direction of your life is revealed, as well as the activations you will seek in order to feel complete and what activations make you uncomfortable or distressed. Knowing these things you are able to understand why you have been attracted or repelled by people and situations in your life. You will know what thoughts or feelings are YOURS and those that are conditioned by others. You will see whether you have been living YOUR life or the life you have been conditioned to live. This conditioned life creates a schism within yourself in which frustration, anger, and depression is the result.”

?-J.R. Richmond – 2003


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