Three of Cups


The Three of Cups card, Minor Arcana, represents harmony. This is a time to rejoice and celebrate new unions and companions. A new love relationship is blossoming.? Harmony and trust take the forefront. There is trust in new ventures, which will be fruitful. There might be a possible new employer. Expect joyous outcomes. There is harmony between work and play. Old problems are melting away, as compromising becomes easier. You are learning to put others before you. You feel a real sense of community. Exciting events and happenings take you into a state of enjoyment ? family, friends, good food and parties.


This is a time of excesses ? too much spending and too much socializing. Nothing else is getting done. Put on the brakes and set your priorities. Self-indulgence is apparent. Your creativity has come to a halt. There is a loss of respect from the community. You may be including a third party into a relationship, which is causing your strife. Intimacy is a frightening aspect in your relationships. Unfortunately, disharmony and? conflict triumph. Your selfishness and over indulgence leads to pain. People are talking about you. There is a loss of happiness. It is time to take care of yourself and mend bridges that you have broken.





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