Two of Cups

Two of Cups, Minor Arcana, is a? balancing card representing healthy relationships, whether in romance, business or personal friendships. In romance, this is the card of commitment and the beginning of intimacy. In business, this is the opening of communication to a long-lasting business partnership where neither puts their needs in front of the other. As far as personal friendships are concerned, who do you trust more with your personal secrets? This card represents the energy that love creates. The first step in? creating love is to love yourself first. You need to love yourself as you want others to love you. It is time to remove any masks you might be wearing.


Although you may have been hurt before in a relationship, this is now the time to let go. Your reluctancy will end you up in isolation. This card in reverse may indicate that you are living too much in a fantasy world and you are not in true touch with what is needed to make a true commitment. You must take a look ? your current relationship may be one-sided. But do not hold back feelings. Do not be afraid of communicating, what is left unsaid can be misunderstood. Without learning these skills, this card may indicate a possible break up or divorce. The key to success is being available for each other ? don’t think for your partner.





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