Two of Pentacles



Two of Pentacles, Minor Arcana, represents balance and change. You might be juggling too many things at once.? There is an opportunity for you to learn new skills and make significant changes in your life. But at the same time, you need to find balance.? Take a look at some different approaches and attitudes. Try to focus on only one issue at a time in your life.? Put yourself and your needs first. Don’t try to please others to a fault ? you cannot be everything to everyone. Flexibility is also something you should be concerned about. It also can mean that there is an imbalance in your work or financial status. Balancing your material desires with your financial budget can be a challenge. This may be a time when you have overextended yourself. However, you may experience an increase in income.


Everything in your life is out of balance and focus. This card indicates that you are in a period of self-doubt. You are preoccupied with events that have taken place in the past. Your mood swings and uncertainty may be getting in the way of making progress. Take responsibility for it and make some positive changes. You might also be facing a debt that will be difficult to pay off.? The card also may indicate that everything in your life is unraveling due to your immature, irresponsible and reckless behavior and a lack of focus. Ask yourself, have I taken on too much or has someone put too much on me? This is a time for setting a budget and possibly seeking out a financial adviser. Financial problems are not resolved in a day ? it will take some time.? This may be a time when you feel that nothing is working for you. Rethink your objectives and goals before it is too late. Don’t give up and keep trying.



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