Wheel of Fortune Card



The Wheel of Fortune represents the aspect of life that is directed by forces and events you may not understand or even be aware of. In short, the card deals with chance: those occurrences that manage to alter even the most structured of lives and usurp man’s best-laid plans. While the effects of the Wheel are unpredictable, the outcome is always some form of change, for better or worse. Depending upon where it falls in certain spreads, it is usually a positive card. Trust that the Wheel will land in your favor, but do not get complacent. What goes around comes around. Keep a positive attitude and do right by other people. This could be a karmic time. The path through life is never a smooth ride down a perfectly straight highway. Sometimes you may experience hairpin turns or complete reversals of direction. The Wheel of Fortune is a strong reminder that despite your plans, the Universe has its own agenda from which you cannot escape. You really do not have control over people, places and events, but you do have control over your own actions. Adversity is a natural part of life and this card asks you not to run from it: face it head on. Always think positively and maintain an optimistic attitude.

In the reversed position, the Wheel of Fortune card signifies unexpected bad luck, unforeseen events, being out of control and failure. A possible major setback or being blind-sided by something out of your control. Keep your vices in check. Challenges may be ahead. You may have to tap in to extra energy in order to solve a specific problem or affair. This is a time for patience. Things may not be going as you have planned in your life, however, as the Wheel turns your good fortune will return. Do not feel sorry for yourself. This may be a time for new positive opportunities. What may seem like a set-back may be the start of something good. Strategic planning is advised and it is not a time for taking risks. Also, this card can be a warning of impending doom, particularly in the form of natural disaster: earthquakes, hurricanes, etc.


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