World Card



Like the Sun, the World card brings good blessings to your set of personal cards. The World appears when all is in balance. The trials and tribulations that you have come across in your life are completing their cycle. These struggles and challenges have only made you more self-empowered and enlightened, which will serve you well going forward.? It allows you to act effectively, not only as an individual, but also as a member of a group. The World card promises contentment, fulfillment and completeness to those under its influence. This is a time when you have finally accomplished what you set out to achieve. This could be a marriage, an invitation to become a partner in a business or the birth of a child. You hard work will be recognized by others and it is time for you to recognize it yourself. For so long, you did not realize your own potential. You feel now that your life has a purpose. It does not guarantee that there will not be some moments of strife or discord in your life, but it does indicate that your trials and tribulations will always be overcome. Ultimately, you will know inner peace and contentment. You have found or will find your place in the Universe,  that place where all is as it should be.

In the reversed position, the World card can signify disappointment, lack of vision, hesitation, unfinished business, stubbornness and deficiency. You are experiencing an overwhelming delay of gratification. There may be a lack of closure in some area of your life. You are showing signs of frustration due to the lack of completing an important project. Fear of failure may be inhibiting a satisfactory ending. It may be time to look at your own resistance to change. You have been close minded and have been obstinate about implementing new strategies. This has led to stagnation and an inability to improve yourself. Let this go as there may be an opportunity to better yourself. You’ll end up kicking yourself later on. Why do you feel the World owes you something? Have you put in enough to take out? You are in a cycle of frustration and boredom. It is time to get out of your own head and look at new ideas. Trust issues are at the forefront. Something has caused you to have a fear of happiness. Procrastination is not the way out. You need to deal with your fears. It also seems as though you may not have taken advantage of important lessons that could have been learned.


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