Channeling is a method of communicating with entities and energies that are no longer present in the physical world. Channeling abilities are used to gain higher knowledge, to receive guidance for direction in life, to connect with spirit guides and totems and to? receive messages from those who have crossed over to the other side.


There are two main methods of channeling: 1. Trance channeling or trance mediumship occurs when the medium enters an altered state of consciousness and permits a spirit to take over his or her body and speak through it. Sometimes the messages are spoken by the person in trance in a different voice or language from his own. The medium has no control, knowledge or recollection of the event. 2. Conscious channeling occurs when the medium is consciously aware of the messages being transmitted to him. He is in a state of heightened meditative awareness, yet not in a trance.


Many channelers perform a seven chakra meditation or balancing before beginning a session, concentrating on the following three chakras: 1. Throat chakra controls communication, creative expression and judgment and allows you to listen to the connection between your heart and mind. This chakra is associated with the ether element, which represents infinite space where all matter exists. 2. Third Eye chakra controls wisdom, spiritual direction, seeing, imagination, intuition and psychic abilities. It creates balance within the mind. When the Third Eye chakra is in balance, there is heightened intuition and clairvoyance. It also strengthens your imagination and concentration skills. 3. Crown chakra controls understanding of the inner and outer person, connections to one?s higher self, universal understanding and oneness. When the Crown chakra is in balance, it becomes your doorway to the divine and opens you to the spiritual realm. This will allow you to experience joy, intuition and spiritual guidance.


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