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Have you ever wondered how a psychic medium knows about the past, present and future? Or have you ever had a haunting desire to know what the “Other Side” looks like? Do you believe you have psychic abilities? What prophecies can the oracles tell you? Are angels watching over you? What are the healing powers of meditation? What ancient healing techniques are being used today?
Psychic Library is your one-stop shop for those answers and more. This site will guide you on a thought-provoking journey into the psychic realm, where you will begin to understand the ties that bind the psychic world to the physical world. Explore, have fun, and make your own world more enjoyable as you navigate through our site.
Due to the fact that the psychic realm has its origins dating back to the beginning of the universe as we know it, its ideas, terminology and practices continue to evolve and are open to interpretation. Much of the terminology is found in our glossary below or in the Reference Room. Even though there are discrepancies, there are commonalities — enhanced self-awareness and spirituality and a deeper appreciation for the powerful connections between all of us and the spirit world.
To navigate through the library, click on the images above or use the drop-down menu under “Rooms” to access the numerous topics and information.


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