Mount of Moon



The Mount of Moon, also known as the Mount of Luna, is located on the palm of the hand at its base, on the little finger side of the hand. It is an indicator of intuition, creativity and vivid imagination. If this mount is well defined, this can indicate a person with excellent creative power. This individual has a love of the arts and nature. It also represents one who has great intuition or psychic abilities, is compassionate and helps any friends in need. This individual loves the ocean. If it appears overly developed, this individual may be letting his imagination run wild, thus clouding reality. This individual draws himself into his own fantasies. A flat or absent Mount of Moon can indicate a person who prefers to be at home and one who might have a good imagination, but shares it only with himself. It can also indicate someone devoid of imagination who exhibits pessimism and lacks enthusiasm. This may be a closed down individual, who is deep in his own thoughts.






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