Children Lines

Children lines vertically cross the relationship or marriage lines. They are often very faint. Each line can indicate a child or a potential one. The lines can also reflect an individual who might care for children throughout life, e.g., as a teacher, a counselor or even as a foster or step parent.
Some palm readers interpret broader children lines to indicate males and narrower lines to indicate females. Also, clear lines indicate a healthy child; longer lines than the others indicate a child who is a favorite of the parents; uneven or barely visible lines indicate a sensitive child and if that line begins with an island, it represents a child who will have ill health in the early years. When a child line does not cross the relationship line, it could indicate that a child may come into a relationship later on.
Some palmists say that to find out the number of children you will have, count the vertical lines from the outside of the palm toward the inside.


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