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The Psychic Library website was launched in late 2011 by Donnie Tash and Adrienne Silverman, after more than a year of research. This is the story about us and howdonnie about us the site came to be. The journey began for Donnie after he awakened several years ago from a coma that lasted over two weeks, due to surgical complications. While recuperating, he felt that something was different about him. When people came to visit him in the hospital, he started sensing things and receiving information about them that he had no prior knowledge of. He also noticed that when he was learning to walk again, which was part of his recovery, he would pick up information about people and their pets as he passed by them. It seemed that the animals were communicating to him about themselves and their owners.


He was very skeptical at first, given the fact that he is a retired psychotherapist who specialized in cognitive behavioral therapy and was a certified addiction counselor. He even wondered if all of this could have been caused by the medications he was taking, or be some type of brain damage.


Donnie began testing his abilities by calling other psychics for readings. In doing so, he wound up reading the psychics. They were so amazed at his accuracy that on many occasions they refunded his money. Other psychics told him that he was psychic, but it was Sonya Fitzpatrick, the world-renowned pet psychic, who told Donnie he was quite the psychic medium. At that point, Donnie was no longer skeptical of his psychic abilities. As his abilities continued to get stronger, he really wanted to learn more.


Until he opened up to Adrienne, whose background is in researching, writing and medical/technical editing, Donnie had been keeping his psychic abilities to himself, to avoid being labeled crazy by his close friends. Adrienne didn’t think he was crazy at all. In fact, she wanted to learn more about psychic abilities as well.


They decided to join forces and dig deeper to find out more information. They found a vast amount of information, but it was scattered in bits and pieces within thousands of websites. There were many sites about chakras, auras, meditation and even psychic healing and all were using terminology that wasn’t defined. Then they began to research the terminology, a laborious task, but very interesting. Armed with all this new information, not just for themselves, but to share with others, they decided to create a website. With such a wide range of topics, they felt that each one should have its own room in the library. It was not just about psychics anymore, it became a site about mind, body and spirit, and so much more.


Donnie and Adrienne created Psychic Library in order to present an understanding and appreciation of the psychic realm and all that it encompasses. Their mission was not to convince you, but to relate experiences, lift the myths surrounding the psychic realm, facilitate the exchange of ideas and to assist in finding the information and answers anyone is looking for. They hope you will leave this site with more knowledge than you had when you stopped by and that you’ll gain a whole new perspective on what true psychic mediumship means. To experience how Donnie works as a psychic medium and the impact he has had on people, please visit The Other Side.


Psychic Library continues to evolve, and you are encouraged to share your own knowledge and experiences. You may do this by submitting articles to the Psychic Library Channeler e-newspaper, commenting in the Conference room, Facebook page or through Twitter @ Psychic_Library. Check out the YouTube channel PsychicLibrary and enjoy the videos they have produced and selected.


Have some fun, especially in the Oracle Room and become a part of the growing Psychic Library community.


P.S. Special thanks go out to all the people who have helped Psychic Library from This Side and all who have guided them from The Other Side.

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