How a Medium Connects with the Other Side

Psychic mediums have the ability to connect with loved ones who have passed on to the other side, as well as to know the names of those who are living that have played or are playing significant roles in an individual?s life. They are also able to pick up on a person?s career, travel plans or current events that may be impacting one?s life. Psychic Library’s psychic medium, Donnie Tash, who is also one of its founders, has often been asked to describe what happens and what it looks like when he communicates with someone’s loved one who has passed. He does not go into a trance, the names and information are just there in his mind, and all he does is relay it back to the person. He prefers to call the process “harnessing their energies.” These energies are the spirits.


Each of us carries within ourselves the imprints of our past experiences, sensitivities and vulnerabilities ? what I refer to as invisible tattoos or veiled scars. I have a heightened sensitivity to some people?s imprints. These imprints are vibrations that translate to my mind?s eye as images and past events, most of which relate to people (living or dead) who have been involved in a person?s life or those who are currently playing a role in it. My intuition also plays an important role when I feel that something new or challenging is about to happen in someone?s life.
It?s not like I get a peek into where these people go, or that I have to pass through a lighted white tunnel, as so many people have reported after a near-death experience (NDE). I get pictures in my mind, somewhat clear. Then I see a jigsaw puzzle of facts and thoughts that fit in with those pictures. I mentally play around with the puzzle pieces.
Think about it, when you put together a real jigsaw puzzle, you start with the pieces on the outer edge to make things easier; then eventually everything connects, and all of those smaller, single pieces fit together. Sometimes though, I am given the center piece of the puzzle and work my way out. However, the sitter may not put all the pieces together during a reading because things move at such a rapid pace. It may take a while for all of the pieces to fit.
People who have passed on are sometimes very clear to me. Those who are ready to come through are at times just standing there. A sitter may come to a reading in the hopes of contacting a specific individual who has passed; however, sometimes another individual may come through to me with a totally different message. This is something a psychic has no control over. But during that same reading, bits and pieces may be revealed about the initial individual the sitter wanted to contact. In fact, sometimes people appear just to jar the sitter?s memory.
When spirits from the other side speak to me, it?s as if I have a cell phone in my head and I?m receiving an audio text message. Try to envision that you are recalling a conversation you have had with someone. That?s exactly how I hear them. I then start getting a name, and more and more details start to show up. If I sit down and think a bit longer, even more details appear.
Names, at times, can be tricky for me. I might only get sounds of single letters that appear in the name, or I might get garbled groups of sounds. For example, I would ask who?s name contains a strong, dominant sounding letter L? Then I may think of Lilly or Alison. I?ve also mistaken a letter G for a letter F, only because I saw the phonetic sound that the letters GH make and mistook that for the letter F. However, sometimes a name or nickname will just come through very clear and precise. I will ask the person receiving a reading: What does this person mean to you; or who did you refer to with this name?
All in all, remember that psychic readings go very quickly. You may not understand all of the messages during the reading, but give it some time. You will figure it out and it will make sense. As a medium, I do appreciate it when someone who has gotten a reading from me lets me know that they understand the connections made and have fit all of the pieces together.




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