Four of Cups


The Four of Cups card, Minor Arcana, represents your need for a change. You have become bored and dissatisfied with things that used to bring you joy. You are showing signs of apathy. You may be dwelling on issues from the past. Stir the pot and find a new interest or relationship. Look deep within yourself for peace and renewal. This is a time for you to take a look outside of yourself. You just may find some new opportunities for fulfillment. This is an action that must be taken. The card can also indicate that you have been on the defensive about something and have shut down. This may be due to old wounds that have not healed. Don’t let your unfounded fears keep you stuck. The card at its worst symbolizes someone who is self-absorbed and has little regard for other people’s needs.
An opportunity may present itself, but you have to make every effort to grab it. This will require hard work. Don’t close yourself off to possibilities and options because you are too wrapped up in yourself. Your overindulgence has taken its toll. Possible mental and physical illness can surface. You have experienced an emotional shut down due to the fear of expressing your true emotions. Remember that there are people who are around you who need your support and attention.



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