The Other Side

One of the amazing gifts that psychic mediums have is that they are able to communicate with people who have passed on. This phenomenon is also known as after-death communication (ADC).


In this room, we explain mediumship, how a psychic “sees,” give first-hand accounts of readings through testimonials and radio broadcasts, and describe the use of the three most common forms of ADC clairvoyance (the ability to visually see the person who has passed), clairaudience (the ability to hear directly, as in a conversation, the person who has passed) and clairsentience (the ability to sense or feel the presence and emotions of a person who has passed).


Some psychic mediums have only one of these abilities; whereas, others have more than one. Psychic Library’s evidential psychic medium, Donnie Tash, who is also one of its founders, has often been asked to describe what happens and what it looks like when he communicates with someone’s loved one who has passed. He prefers to call the process “harnessing their energies.” He believes that when people die there is a settlement period. This is the time when they are getting a grip on where they are. They must get used to this change in themselves also. Sometimes people who have passed on appear to him when they were at a different age, or at a particularly happy period in their lives.



Individuals usually seek out a psychic medium in the hope of contacting a loved one who has passed on to the other side. They yearn to receive a message from their loved one to be able to find comfort, as well as to validate the existence of an afterlife. The closest most people have come to experiencing this form of mediumship has been on the television. Psychic mediums, such as John Edward, John Holland, James Van Praagh and the late Sylvia Brown, select individuals from their audiences and begin to give them specific names and details that only those chosen would know. Also events, illnesses and dates are revealed through these psychic mediums.This form of mediumship is called evidential psychic mediumship. The medium is able to give the client direct evidence that proves he or she is truly connecting and communicating with people from the spirit world.




Each of us carries within ourselves the imprints of our past experiences, sensitivities and vulnerabilities what I refer to as invisible tattoos or veiled scars. I have a heightened sensitivity to some people’s imprints. These imprints are vibrations that translate to my mind’s eye as images and past events, most of which relate to people (living or dead) who have been involved in a person’s life or those who are currently playing a role in it. My intuition also plays an important role when I feel that something new or challenging is about to happen in someone’s life.


It’s not like I get a peek into where these people go, or that I have to pass through a lighted white tunnel, as so many people have reported after a near-death experience (NDE). I get pictures in my mind, somewhat clear. Then I see a jigsaw puzzle of facts and thoughts that fit in with those pictures. I mentally play around with the puzzle pieces.





After a loved one passes away, whether having suffered from a long illness or suddenly, we are totally grief stricken. At this time, we realize that final arrangements for a funeral or memorial service need to be made. During the process of saying goodbye to our loved ones, we try to make the ceremony special and honor their wishes. Many times people do little things, such as placing a personal memento next to the body or talking about and remembering special events that took place while they were alive.


I recently gave a reading to a woman who was referred to me by a friend. She was curious to know if she was receiving messages from her recently deceased brother.


As I began her reading, many of her deceased loved ones started to communicate with her from the other side. Specific names were revealed to me, so I was sure we had made a connection. Her brother started to come through and he validated things that had taken place and wanted her to know that he was aware of her actions. As the reading began to wind down, I asked her about a blue object that was at the funeral. I asked her “What was the blue all about?” Something that was put near him in blue? She told me that he loved the University of Michigan and Duke University and that he wore Michigan team clothing all the time. I then stated that he was buried in a blue Michigan shirt. She said yes, he was.


So, even the smallest things that we do to honor our loved ones do not go unnoticed. Our loved ones from the other side are grateful for everything. Even their belongings that we continue to cherish, such as a piece of jewelry, picture or medal, are reminders that they are still loved and never forgotten and can serve as a link to open a connection with them on the other side.




I can get a strong scent when someone who has crossed over is near me or around another individual. In one instance, I remember thinking about one of my dearest friends from childhood. I decided to call her and catch up. As we were speaking, I smelled a strong odor of cigars and sensed a man around her. I told her about it and she explained that her grandfather had been a cigar salesman at one time and that she always felt his presence around her. I had never known her grandfather’s occupation, or that she sensed that her grandfather was always around her. (Thanks MKF for a lifelong friendship.)


While walking my dogs, a very close friend’s Aunt Betty, who knew me very well when she was alive, appeared to me in my head. She told me she was very worried about her son Jeff, and she rubbed her hand over her heart, saying, Something is wrong with Jeff’s blood. During this same encounter, she mentioned a deep concern for her granddaughter. When I returned from the walk, I asked my friend if he knew of anything wrong with his cousin Jeff or Aunt Betty’s granddaughter. He said no, but the next day his mother called and informed him that Jeff had been hospitalized with a blood infection and that Aunt Betty’s granddaughter had lost her baby.


One day, I was thinking about my own leg that had been injured some years ago. As I thought about that, I envisioned an elderly woman with light hair, who was small and frail. Then an image of a friend of mine also appeared. After that, the image of the elderly woman came back, and I had a very strong sensation of hip pain. Again, my friend came to mind and I surmised that this elderly woman must be someone close to her, maybe even her mother. When I asked my friend about it, she said that her mother had already had one hip replacement and that lately the other hip was giving her intense pain. I had not known about any of her mother’s medical conditions until I asked her that day.



I must admit that this was the most spontaneous and detailed reading I have ever experienced. A security guard named Lorraine was on duty in my neighborhood. She was looking very distraught and I asked her what was wrong. She said that Thanksgiving was always a very bad time of year for her because her husband passed away on that day.

After she gave me that information I began to see an image of a smiling, older woman with a mixing bowl. I also sensed a person with her who had a name with a strong J in it. I asked her if she had a relative who she loved very much who had died. I gave her the description of the older woman and that I was getting a G associated with her name. Lorraine told me that the person was her Aunt Grace and the J must be her husband John.

I then saw John sitting with a gun and he shot himself. He then said, “I’m sorry, but there was nothing you could have done to stop me.” Lorraine was shocked. She then told me that he did in fact shoot himself in front of her. She asked me if I knew how he was doing. I responded that he said he is out of physical pain, but that he has feelings of sadness about what he had put her through.

It was so painful for Lorraine to hear this again, but at the same time she was comforted. She no longer felt it necessary to blame herself.





A near-death experience (NDE) is a phenomenon in which someone close to death or suffering from trauma or disease sees a glimpse into the afterlife and experiences events that are unexplainable and supernatural. Although there has been much skepticism within the medical community concerning NDEs, the tables have been turning. Up until the 1970s, most medical doctors, especially neurologists, explained away these incidents as being a normal chemical reaction in the brain; it shuts down for a time due to a lack of oxygen and blood. However, many medical professionals continue to study the claims made by the millions of people who have experienced NDEs. Even some doctors have experienced their own NDEs, which have turned them from skeptic to believer.




obe effectsDonnie Tash, Co-Founder of Psychic Library, is a psychic medium. He had an out-of-body experience (OBE or OOBE) during a near-death experience (NDE), while in a coma in 2008 and awoke from it with psychic abilities. Here is the story of his experience in his own words:

I was once told, “When you pray to God, thank him for everything he has given you, everything he has taken away and everything he has left you with.” I guess this quote in some ways reflects my story of what took place in 2008. Although my memory is a bit rough around the edges, as far as the exact time frame and sequence of events, I am still left with extremely haunting and very real memories of my time in the hospital.


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Our pets have oh so much to tell! They are aware of even the slightest changes. The phrase “out of the mouths of babes” perfectly describes their innocence. However, at times that innocence gets broken when they have been mistreated and abused, which they do not understand. Unfortunately, at times, the abuse is imprinted into their minds and affects them greatly. Their thoughts are keener than we give them credit for.


The visions and emotions I glean from them are so clear. Their exuberance shines. It’s like when a kindergartener comes home from school and can’t wait to tell you everything that happened that day.


Each animal’s personality is unique. Some are extremely sensitive, while others are very conceited. They are specific about their likes and dislikes. They have great memories and remember many details that we might have forgotten. In fact, they are aware of even the slightest change occurring in their owners or surroundings. They are our vigilant protectors. Our pets are bursting to share themselves with us and love us unconditionally. All we have to do is listen.



An opportunity arose to give an animal reading when a neighbor’s child was coming into town with his new dog to introduce him to the family. All I was told about the dog was that he had been found and was a pug. I gave my usually introduction to the dog a warm greeting and lots of petting. The dog was young, so a bit of time was needed to calm him down.

I asked the owners what information they were curious about. First, they wanted to know if the dog had been abused. Also, where did he come from? They said that they put up signs and checked with people in the area to see if anyone was missing a pet.


So after sitting with the dog for a bit, I got a vision of an alley and I saw him wandering around there. I asked if he was found in an alley. I got an immediate yes. Next, a vision of a home with young children came into my mind. However, this fact they could not confirm. Another image came to mind of a cat outside a kitchen window and staring into a house. I felt that the dog had a curiosity about it. I questioned the owners if they owned a cat. Their response was no, but there was a cat in the neighborhood that did come by quite frequently, gawking at the dog through the window.


Finally, the word chip was blaring in my head. The dog kind of cocked his head as I was sensing this. I asked the owners if they had talked about giving him an ID chip. Through visualization and a little mental telepathy, I did my best to communicate that the chip would be a good thing for him. The dog began to respond to me with a few little snorts and a wiggle. I knew then that he had caught on that this chip would keep him safe. To their astonishment, just before I arrived, a discussion about getting a chip for the dog had taken place.


I believe that although their understanding of language is limited, an animal’s memory is fantastic. Some have been known to hide their toys, even for weeks, and know exactly where they put it. So why shouldn’t they be able to remember events?



Our pets feel the presence of other pets from the home who are no longer with us. So much so, that they don’t understand why they can’t play with them anymore.


Upon the death of my beloved Spanky, Mitzi immediately became fond of urinating underneath the piano. Since this was not a pattern of hers before, I began watching her around that spot. I, in turn, began to see blue/purple flashes of light in that same area under the piano. Not understanding what was happening at the time, I enlisted the services of the acclaimed animal psychic, Sonya Fitzpatrick. During her reading, she explained that Mitzi was frustrated because she could no longer play with Spanky. She communicated to Mitzi that Spanky was in our home in spirit only, and that he was not able to play with her anymore. Since that connection took place, Mitzi’s unwanted behavior under the piano has ended.





There are some important points to make about the responsibility that psychic mediums have to anyone seeking their insights. First and foremost is that they should use their special gift wisely and be aware with whom they share those abilities. It is human nature for some people to be skeptical about what they don’t understand. Don’t worry too much about what people think. For as many naysayers as there might be, there are just as many, if not more, believers.


It has been my experience that people who have lost loved ones want to know how the departed are doing. Even if you truly feel that you can connect with a person who has passed on, don’t give answers based on what the family or friends want to hear. Only give what comes to your mind. Be careful about divulging information that could be harmful or hurtful, such as describing a tragic death in detail. However, those details might be the connection to the individual. Keep in mind that for some people, to relive that experience again could be devastating.


Another point to consider is if someone comes to you displaying signs of depression or is contemplating suicide, do be careful what you say. The consequences could be devastating. Never lead anyone to believe that the other side is better than the here and now. Don’t fuel someone’s personal fire always suggest that positive changes are possible. Don’t ever encourage a negative, self-fulfilling prophecy. There are always other options. If you abuse your gift in any way, you not only harm the individual, but you negatively impact yourself and the whole community of psychics.


During a reading for a sitter, a name of an individual may pop into my head that I sense is alive. I might also sense that there is a connection with that person, either from a current, past or even future situation, which had or will have an impact on the sitter’s life, relationship or occupation. Although I may get a positive or negative feeling about the person, I do not pass on that judgment. It is possible that the individual that popped into my head could be unknown to the sitter at that time.


An example of that happened during a reading I did for a woman who was having marriage difficulties. I sensed the name of another woman, who she could not make an immediate connection with. I believed that she was thinking the worst about her husband. It turned out that the name I gave her was a person who offered her husband a new job opportunity.


All in all, remember that psychic readings go very quickly. You may not understand all of the messages during the reading. Give it time and when you figure it out it will make sense. As a medium, I appreciate it when someone who has gotten a reading from me lets me know that they have fit all of the pieces together from the reading.



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