Psychic Library would like to share with you some testimonials from people who recieved psychic readings from Donnie Tash. He feels it is a great honor to be given the opportunity to help those connect with loved ones?who have passed on. Not only does he connect with The Other Side, he is able to identify?the living?individuals?who have played or are playing a?significant part in one’s life. He also has the gift of communicating with animals and pets.?These animal encounters have helped many owners gain a better understanding of their pets past and current needs and concerns. Even if you are?skeptical, keep an open mind?as you read the testimonials below.?



Message From the Grave

“My experience with meeting Donnie, a psychic medium, was very exciting. We met in an informal setting ? my neighbor?s home. Our meeting was set up to connect with a dear departed friend of mine. Donnie did get information about him, but the reading took a very unexpected turn. He began to pick up a communication from my deceased father. He said that my father wanted to know why I did not have any photos of him displayed in my home. I was absolutely astonished, because my father had indeed passed in 1981 (and Donnie did not know he had passed). In fact, I do not have any formal photos of him (only snapshots) and I do not have any photos of him around the house. Then Donnie said, ?He would like you to display the photo of him in his uniform.? That statement by Donnie was also truly amazing because of the few photos that I do have of Dad, the family favorite was of him in his uniform.

Donnie was so kind and willing to meet with me even though I was a total stranger. It brought great comfort to me to get a message from my Dad. Donnie has an amazing gift.”

– J.M. –

A Husband’s Passing

“I had a reading from Donnie and I?m still astonished. He told me things he couldn?t possibly know ? even my deceased husband?s name. He felt strong wishes from my husband that I must let go of my pain and move on. I witnessed my husband die tragically by suicide in 1996. Donnie?s compassion, intense insights and psychic abilities are very strong. His energy is white light and beautiful, his eye?s wise and the angels surround him. I?ve been blessed because I?m finally healing after such a long time. He helped me emotionally, spiritually and physically. I highly recommend Donnie to anyone in search of answers, or to anyone who would like a reading by a genuine and gifted man. He is a blessing, and in my heart and soul I?m finally starting to heal, and I mean a deep healing, not superficial or surface. Thank you Donnie. God bless you.?

– L.G. –


“Donnie is such a loving and compassionate person. He uses his extraordinary gift as a psychic medium to comfort and give hope to those who invite him in. I have witnessed his readings, which are spot on and I have seen him deliver such freedom to people who have been burdened by the loss of their loved ones. He is truly an amazing force.”

– G.S. –

Talk to the Animals

?I came to realize that Donnie?s capabilities as a medium are so accurate, even when he?s reading animals! If seeing is believing, then believe me, I saw. It was Mitzi and Rascal day at the dog groomers and when I picked them up I was told that Rascal had behaved viciously, and if he were allowed back he would have to be tranquilized. I was stunned and wondered what had traumatized our Rascal! At home, Donnie said, ?Let me ask Rascal.? Well, did he get an earful! Apparently, a Schnauzer that had bushy, mean-looking eyebrows was lurking around, there were too many dogs and a big scary man came in. Rascal was adamant that he never wanted to go back there again. Mitzi, too, was very upset. She got no attention and no TV! Needless to say, I was a tad skeptical. To verify Donnie?s take on the situation I called the groomer. Sure enough, I was told that yes, there WAS a Schnauzer there, the big man was the groomer?s husband and there had been an unusually large dog population getting groomed! Need I say more??? ?
– C.R. –

Lightening Round

?I scheduled a reading with Donnie. He asked me at the time when I called him, if there was anything in particular I wanted to ask about. I left it very general and said we will see what happens.

I did have a specific question in mind, but did not tell him. When we met, I asked him my question which had to do with a career change.

He told me he was not a financial advisor, but what followed surprised me. He connected with my grandfather and gave me details nobody could have known. The speed that he was going at was amazing and he rapidly began giving me other names that I could not get right away. The session ended, but no less than 10 minutes later on my way home it hit me ? the two names were that of a relative I loved who had recently passed. One name was her given name and the other, a nickname. I loved this loved this woman dearly.

If you meet with Donnie, take notes. He told me more than I ever expected.?
– C.J. –

“If you are psychic, learn to be at peace with your extra-sensory powers. Find your balance. The best readings occur when you are calm, focused and have a clear mind. Some days you might be more receptive than others, or your abilities may seem to come and go. Don?t worry, your special ability is still there. It is a part of you. In fact, just like many talented artists, musicians and singers, you are gifted. Embrace it!”

– Donnie Tash –

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