Page of Pentacles


Page of Pentacles, Minor Arcana, symbolizes new beginnings. The Page, being the messenger he is, is about to deliver an important message of good fortune or news. Look for positive changes to come out of  this. It also may indicate that there is a caring and kind individual who has been following you and will give you assistance. There could be a new career opportunity or new affairs of the heart. You may find that your patience is waring thin regarding a new opportunity. But this is not the time to throw in the towel. People are starting to notice you. Your best efforts have not gone unnoticed. Be prepared for significant financial or important opportunities. This is not time to rest on you laurels — grab each opportunity and work hard. There is much prosperity to be gained.
Regarding relationships, someone who you believed had lost interest has now resurfaced.  This is a time in your life for seeking out new relationships, but you must make yourself available. If you are currently in a relationship, there is a need for balance between love and business. Regarding your health, take good care of it and be aware of how to maintain optimum condition.
This card may indicate a disappointment from a younger individual who has not fulfilled his/her promises to you. Also, this individual may be living beyond there means, which will cause problems down the road. This card is also a messenger who warns of bad news. You may have uncontrollable debts and a life spiraling out of control. You have been negligent and lazy, therefore, the missed opportunities keep piling up. Regarding health, don’t overlook small problems, which can swiftly turn into very serious medical problems.



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