Pet Zodiac Pisces

PISCES (Feb 19- Mar 20)




There is no pet more loyal and sensitive to his owner’s feelings than the Pisces pet. Just as the sign’s symbol is that of the fish, these pets love the water. They become relaxed by it, so much so that when they are away from the water, it can be anxiety provoking. Pisces pets are keenly aware of their owner’s moods and can sense any swings in them. Like a true Pisces, their moods go in and out like the tides. They are great judges of character and are very empathetic. Once they have befriended someone, they become best friends for life. If you have any sensitivity to psychic abilities, don’t be surprised if you get a sense that your pet is psychic!


Pisces pets are also susceptible to accidents due to their curious natures, so be vigilant of where and what your Pisces pet is up to. If they can’t be near the water, they prefer being inside. Snuggling with their family is a favorite pastime; however they also enjoy having a private space to call their own. Decorate their spot with some soft rugs, towels or a fluffy cushion, because if you don’t they will!


Element: Water
Ruling Planet: Neptune


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