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Todd Hogan, world-renowned psychic medium, brings years of experience to Psychic Library, as he became aware of his psychic abilities and the spirit realm at an early age. His psychic gifts, which include clairaudience, clairsentience and clairalience, allow him to help individuals by tapping into their families and friends on this plane, as well as those who have passed on. Discoveries and insights are illuminated during his readings that will have an impact on the present and future of the client. Todd brings compassion, understanding and empathy to his readings.






For me, readings play out differently every time. However, one constant is how I prepare for them. I begin by centering myself through a kind of meditation and then I ask my guides to assist me in bringing forth information from the spirit world. I might get vignettes or images of people who have passed — what they look like or how they feel. Sometimes I am shown symbols in my mind, such as bodily organs to represent sickness or disease; or emotions (heart swelling) and laughter. I also get specific words and phrases, which I write down on paper so I do not forget the exact way the words were relayed to me. I can get drawings in my mind, filled with colors that are significant. Smells come through at times, maybe of a food or special flower of the deceased. Music at times plays an important role in a reading, I think, due to the fact that I am a musician. Sometimes a favorite or relevant song comes through that had special meaning to the individual who is still here and the one who has passed. I have also been given information about the person I am reading to assist him or her in overcoming or working through a personal issue. I also have seen spirits standing with their arms around the person receiving the reading or behind their shoulders. I can ask questions of the spirits for the person I am reading and this is truly amazing when it happens.


Another one of my gifts is that of healing. I used to only do a healing for people in my immediate family. I made a very important decision to reach out to others. One of the reasons is that when I am around some individuals who are ill, my hands start to become very hot and tingling. I believe these signs are God’s way of telling me that I need to try to assist this person.


I don’t know how or why I have been blessed with these abilities, but I am grateful that I can help others in some way.


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