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Toe Reading


Psychic Library would like to introduce a method of personality profiling. It is called Toe Reading. A toe reading is based on the theory that the lines and shapes of your toes hold a holographic record of your life?s story. Each toe reveals emotions, life experiences and character traits. For example, the right foot has a record of the events in your life, while the left foot reveals your moral and spiritual growth and understanding.


We came across this technique at the Holistic Health Gathering sponsored by the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. Toe reading was very popular among the people in attendance. The gathering housed over 75 exhibitors dealing with holistic health, spiritual healing and various types of psychic readings. For more information about psychic readings visit our Reading Room.


For the first time, people actually brought their pets to the fair and Donnie was given the opportunity to do some pet readings (as well as some impromptu human ones). It all started with one woman?s cat and a Chihuahua. Then it mushroomed into 3 more dogs, and as people began hearing about the accuracy of the readings, they brought over individual photos of their pets to be read!? He was able to connect with all of the animals. He identified the rescue animals without prior knowledge and was able to shed light on their previous living conditions. In one group of three dogs, Donnie told the owner that one of the dogs was feeling very special ? her meals were prepared differently because she had a bad stomach. Even more amazing was the fact that he said this dog never eats dry food. The owner was stunned, as this was all true!


Psychic Library was well received and had a lot of Library Card sign-ups, which automatically entered them into a prize drawing for an Amazon gift card, which will take place on December 10th 2011. Don?t forget to sign up for your Library Card so that you have a chance to win, too!



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