Astrological Houses

There are 12 astrological houses in an astrology birth chart and each represents a different part of your life or challenges that you may face along the way. The first house is always located at the position where an hour hand is at 9 o?clock on the face of a clock. The rest of the houses are lined up going in a counter-clockwise direction on the zodiac wheel. For your free natal chart, click on the picture below.




1st House ? House of Self

The first house is also called the Ascendant, or Rising Sign. It depicts the sign that was over the horizon at the place and time of your birth. This sign directs your self-image, personality and how others perceive you. It also governs your behavior, temperament, appearance, ego and your outlook toward the world. This sign has an effect on any health issues you may have throughout your life. Note that some people may have the same ascendant sign as their sun sign. This makes them, for example, a double Pisces.


GoldGlyphtaurus2nd House ? House of Possessions

The second house rules your core values and how you manage your finances. It also represents how you will value and earn money and just how important acquiring material possessions are to you. Your self-worth is also found here.





GoldGlyphGemini3rd House ? House of Communication

The third house deals with those who are close to you such as siblings, neighbors and schoolmates, especially those in your early school years. It also deals with your day-to-day activities, as well as with your environment, short trips, learning, using your communication skills and dealing with modern technology.?




GoldGlyphcancer4th House ? House of Home

The cusp of the fourth house is the Imum Coeli (IC), meaning ?lowest heaven? and is the lowest point on the chart located at 6 o?clock on the zodiac wheel. It is associated with your home environment, family members and the represents your mother (or in some interpretations, your father) and the influences she had on you in your early childhood.

It is also where the foundation is set for learning to deal with emotional issues later in life. The fourth house is a private place in which you can develop a sense of security.


5th House ? House of Creativity and Pleasure

The fifth house is where you have your fun. It rules creativity, self-expression and all forms of recreation and leisure pursuits. It relates to romantic relationships and love affairs, as well as to children. Gaming and gambling, even risky ventures show up here.





6th House ? House of Health and Service

The sixth house depicts your personal health, hygiene and service to others, including animals. Not to be confused with your career, it also pertains to work, such as daily chores and routines, along with any volunteer work. It is associated with your attitude toward co-workers, supervisors and subordinates. Steps that you take to improve your health such as diet and exercise programs are in this house. Your overall health status and illnesses are also found here. House ? House of Partnerships

The cusp of the seventh house is the Descendant. It is positioned in the west at the time of your birth and located at the 3?oclock position on the zodiac wheel. Here you will find your serious and committed relationships, not to be confused with the 5th house and its romance and love affairs. This is the house of contracts and not just with your spouse. It includes business partnerships, legal transactions and all contracts. It also represents how you deal with your adversaries.


8th House ? House of Sexuality, Death and Rebirth

The eighth house represents sexuality and intimacy and your deeply committed relationships. It also deals with death and reincarnation. Keep in mind that death can be symbolic and not represent the actual passing of someone. However, in the case of a physical death, this is where you will find gifts or inheritance. It is the place for jointly held funds and finances. This house also holds matters dealing with the occult, psychic abilities and magic.


9th House ? House of Philosophy and Travel

Higher learning is the key to the ninth house. This house is associated with the development of your mind, including your spiritual learning, your belief systems and expanding your horizons. It relates to?? understanding philosophies, foreign countries, cultures, religion and politics. This house rules long-distance or foreign travel.




10th House ? House of Career

The cusp of the tenth house is the Medium Coeli (MC), meaning ?Midheaven? and is located at 12 o?clock on the zodiac wheel. The house contains your career, long-term career goals and how to focus on your career path and choose the proper one for you. It governs your reputation, achievements, accolades and recognition you may receive. It also describes how you relate to authority figures or how you handle yourself if you are in a position of authority over others. Taking responsibility for your actions is also a component in this house. What you have learned about yourself you will find here. This house represents your father (or in some interpretations, your mother) and the influences he had on you in your early childhood.


11th House ? House of Friendships

The eleventh house governs your friendships, individuals who are your protectors and organizations to which you belong. It describes the roles you play throughout your life ? as a parent, husband, wife or partner, child, friend or businessperson. This house represents your aspirations, hopes and your ability to achieve your desired level of happiness.





12th House ? House of Self-Undoing and Karma

The twelfth house contains many dark secrets that you have hidden from others. It contains hidden enemies. This is the house of prisons, psychiatric institutions and hospitals, which represents a confinement of some kind unbeknownst to others. This is a house in which you find self-indulgence, which could lead to substance abuse. After a period of long-suffering, spiritual motivation, enlightenment and miraculous healing are also found here.







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