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In astrology, the moon phases are the relationships of the Sun/Moon at the time of an individual?s birth. It is the particular point in which the moon was in during its never-ending cycle. There are eight moon phases in a complete cycle. Knowing the moon phase adds another aspect to describe a person?s unique and multifaceted personality, in particular, emotions, intimacy and secret desires. People who are born in the same moon phase may share some of the same traits. It is also useful to know what cycle the moon is in during the current time. Each phase has certain characteristics associated with it and can be used to plan what days are the best days to make decisions and to guide you in your daily life.


The moon phases given below correspond to the numbers in the picture above. Note that a waxing moon is when the moon is getting bigger; a waning moon is when the moon is getting smaller. Another type of moon is termed a Void of Course moon. This is the time when the moon transitions from one astrological sign (Sun Sign) to another. This process can take minutes or two days. During this time, people may find it difficult to make solid decisions or may suffer from periods of confusion and disruption.


1.? New Moon

First day after Balsamic/Dark Moon up to 3.5 days; 0 to 45 degrees ahead of the Sun

You tend to be emotional, impulsive and spontaneous. You enjoy starting new projects and are always seeking out new opportunities for creativity and expression. To your work, you bring tremendous passion and fervor. Your eagerness is unstoppable.

This phase is a time for planning and conceiving, as well as for recharging your mind, body and spirit and opening up yourself to setting new goals. This is a period of calmness and awareness.


2.? Crescent Moon

3.5 to 7 days after the New Moon; 45 to 90 degrees ahead of the Sun

You are assertive and willing to make changes to your life to ensure a better outcome. If you meet with some hurdles, you will need to use your quick thinking abilities to get around them. You have faith in yourself when it comes to tough challenges. In fact, you look at all angles to solve problems ? either using conventional or unconventional methods.

This phase is a time for starting momentum and getting the ball rolling. This is a phase for taking action.


3.? First Quarter Moon

?7 to 10.5 days after the New Moon; 90 to 135 degrees ahead of the Sun

You are strong willed, results driven and idealistic. You have no problem asking others to assist you in obtaining your goals and dreams. Your strong suit is creating new ideas, even if at the cost of getting rid of old ways of thinking and doing. You tend to question everything and people may construe this as you being confrontational or quarrelsome.

This phase is a time to stay focused and committed to the tasks at hand.


4.? Gibbous Moon

?7 to 10.5 days after the New Moon; 135 to 180 degrees ahead of the Sun

You are goal oriented, but always have time to assist and help others. Your deep down wish is to make the world a better place for all to live in. You continually seek the true meaning of your journey and always look to obtain more knowledge.

This phase is a time to break through any roadblocks or obstacles in your way. You might also begin to see progress in projects you have taken on.


5.? Full Moon

?15 to 18.5 days after the New Moon; 180 to 135 degrees behind the Sun

You are objective and determined to bring your ideas to fruition. You have a keen ability to balance your practical side with your creative side and your side with your rational side with your intuitive side. You are also extremely aware of other?s needs. However, don?t lose sight of your own needs. You will maintain many positive relationships in your life.

This phase is a time when you will experience either success or failure.


6.? Disseminating Moon

?3.5 to 7 days after the Full Moon; 135 to 90 degrees behind the Sun

You easily convey your message to others and are often looked upon as an educator. Experiences will give you considerable knowledge and you are motivated to share it with others. You innately want to better people?s lives, however you can become overzealous.

This phase is the time to reap some benefits, engage with others in relationships or just get ready to make a new start or let go of a failed plan.


7.? Last (Third) Quarter Moon

7 to 10.5 days after the Full Moon; 90 to 45 degrees behind the Sun

You have a special ability to help and counsel others. You draw out their innermost feelings, help them to resolve problems and lead them into a more organized lifestyle. Because you are quite sure of yourself, at times you can be seen as stubborn and obstinate.

This phase is a time to leave the past behind and work toward your hopes, goals and dreams.


8.? Balsamic/Dark Moon

10.5 days after the Full Moon up to New Moon; less than 45 degrees behind the Sun

You are keenly intuitive and you possess inherent insight into the spiritual aspect of humanity. You are self-sacrificing and hold a strong belief in pre-ordained destiny. You will encounter many transitions throughout your life and you will be able to adapt and achieve happiness and success.

This phase is a time of release, transition, completion of projects, introspection and the formulation of any new plans that might be germinating. This is also a time to question your desires. This might also be a time to look for good deals.




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