Aura Sensing

At one time or another, you have sensed someone’s aura. This is often referred to as the, vibes, or vibrations you get from a person. Aura sensing is demonstrated in children between the ages of four and six. For example, when drawing family members, some children use a specific color for each person. They do so because they sense the human aura, although they do not consciously realize it. Parents and teachers often question them about why they have chosen these specific colors. Believing that there might be something wrong about drawing this way because of all the questioning, the children eventually stop. As they continue to mature, the ability fades as logic gets in the way of psychic abilities.


Each one of us encounters many different feelings and situations. These happenstances, negative or positive, are processed and reflected in the auras. They reflect mood, physical and mental health, and even psychic abilities. Auras are not permanent. They change depending on many factors. Being conscious of your own aura is key in developing your own psychic abilities.


The seven layers of the aura hold different forms of information. These layers correspond to the seven chakras. The energies from the chakras produce the auras. Physical, emotional and spiritual health effect the size of the aura. The aura layers expand and contract depending on those factors.

The best way to begin learning to interpret people’s auras is to become aware of how you are physically affected when you are near them. This is known as clairsentience. Take a deep breath, and as you exhale, take notice of your five senses and your gut reaction. Think about how you are feeling. Are you anxious? Do you want to be near this person? Do you feel relaxed or happy to be with this individual? Does this person make your skin crawl? Try hard not to focus on the verbal conversation that took place. Instead, try to think about what color you would attach to this person. As your abilities are enhanced, feeling, sensing and seeing the aura colors become easier.


A good suggestion is to keep a journal of your thoughts and experiences after encountering other people. After meeting someone, write down what appeared in your mind or any color you associated with that person. You might later find out something about the life or past experiences of the individual you had met.


To understand how your aura is projected from your body, there is a simple exercise that can be done. Take your palms and rub them together rapidly. Pull them apart and repeat the rubbing. Next, slowly pull them apart again, but hold them approximately one inch apart. Close your eyes and focus on the sensation happening between your hands. Is there warmth? Does it feel like they are opposing magnets? Is there a slight trembling feeling?


Your sensations are not solely the result of friction. It is how your energy is emitting from your body. Also by doing this, you have stimulated the chakras in the palms of your hands, which are important for receiving and projecting healing energies. Focus on this energy field and you will experience several different vibrations and temperatures. These fluctuations represent information about you. All over your body, from head to toe, vibrations are released. An example of how to extend your auric field would be to open up your palms and turn them upward.


Many exercises and techniques, such as meditation, are available to fine-tune your ability to sense and see auras. The process can be slow, so be patient. If you do not see the colors, that is okay. Just focus on the feelings and sensations you are getting when you are around other people. You are on your way to further developing your psychic abilities.


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