Belief in the Power of Prayer

By Jody Sharpe


Do you believe in faith healing and prayer? I do. I have seen it work for others and in my own life’s journey. The first person I ever knew who went to a faith healer is a dear friend of mine. For ten years she had trouble getting pregnant. She went to a faith healer who prayed for her while laying hands upon her. She told her she would have a son. A short time later, my friend did become pregnant. Her son has grown up to be a fine young man and is a blessing to his parents.


Amazingly, I have recently witnessed faith healing in my own life.


My husband was diagnosed with a cancerous growth in his rectum. Subsequently, we attended a large healing prayer service and we were prayed over by a powerful healer. When my husband went to have the growth removed, it was found that the cancer was no longer there. Even my own vision problem improved as a result of attending the healing service.How can this be explained? The doctors couldn’t, yet they would not even say that a miracle might have happened. But why not??


Recently, I have learned that some doctors pray over their patients. Does it really matter which faith you observe? Miracles happen to people of all faiths and beliefs ?and much is written on miracles these days.


I believe that we are not meant to know all of the mysteries of life, but we seek them just the same. My own life is a testimony to the power of prayer. So when I feel down, and stormy days invade my life, I think of the miracles that have happened through faith healing and the storm seems to pass in a gentler way. There are skeptics who focus on studies that try to prove that prayer does not work. I would rather be a believer than a skeptic. Wouldn’t it help all of our lives if we believed faith healing does make a difference? I am so glad that my husband and I believed.


Ms. Sharpe is a retired teacher of Students with Special Needs and has a Master?s degree in Education. She enjoys writing and has written a novel she hopes to publish. She lives in Scottsdale with her husband and two dogs. They have four grown children.


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