Color vs. Black & White Dreams – 8

dreamsblack&whiteMost people who remember their dreams upon waking are focused on what took place in the dream and the emotions they experienced during it. They do not necessarily pay attention to whether the dream was in color or black and white. It is hard to believe that in this day and age, with the assault of technological advancements in high-definition color televisions, computers and films that are offered in 3-D with intense colorization, that anyone can dream in black and white.


It has been difficult for dream researchers to understand how dreams work and whether or not people dream in color. Psychic Library conducted its own survey about dreaming in color and polled its library cardholders, Facebook friends and posted it in the Conference room.
Three response choices were given: I dream in color; I dream in black in white; and I do not remember if I dream in color. Of those people surveyed, 78.85% responded that they dream in color; 5.77% responded that they dream in black and white; and 15.38% responded that they did not remember if they dream in color or black and white.


In a study published in 2008, it was found that people over the age of 55, who had limited exposure to color televisions during their early childhood years, tended to state that they dreamed in black and white about one-fourth of the time. On the other hand, study participants who were under the age of 25, who have been inundated with color televisions, movies, video games and computers, reported that they almost never had a dream in black and white.


During the 1940s, several studies showed that study participants reported dreaming in color either not at all or hardly ever. So you can see that the times have definitely changed with respect to dreaming in color. In conclusion, it has also been found that individuals who do remember specific colors from their dreams are usually very conscious of color in their waking lives, perhaps due to their occupations or hobbies.



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