Four of Pentacles


Four of Pentacles, Minor Arcana, is a card of good luck in finances. It can indicate that more money will start to come into your life so that you will be on more solid financial ground. This may take the form of a job promotion you have been waiting for. However, take care of your money and do not spend frivolously. You are also concerned about other people’s financial health. But do not judge others by their material wealth. It can also indicate that you are a person who does a lot of research in the stock market. There is also stability within the family. Be wary of those individuals who tell you how to manage your finances. You have a handle on it yourself. Generous gifts are on the horizon ? this may be the time to buy a lottery ticket.


You are consumed by thoughts of money. Perhaps you are worrying about the bills and how much others are spending. Or you are miserly and greedy and immersed in the material world. You have become stagnant in your thinking and you have closed off other options for financial gain. It may also indicate the fear of losing your emotional grip as well as losing financially. You are fearful of delegating authority. You are emotionally closed off. This may also indicate that people have become jealous of you and would be happy to see you fall or lose everything. It may also signify the end of a business partnership or relationship.?



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