Knight of Cups


The Knight of Cups, Minor Arcana, symbolizes ideals, a dreamer, romance and passion. It can sometimes indicate that a new relationship is on the horizon. You may meet someone younger who you can trust. The person’s intentions are good, so be open to them. This may be an individual who is close to you or amongst your friends. You might find yourself being admired by someone. This new individual may be introducing you to stimulating ideas and allowing your spirituality to flow. This may be the time for you to express your artistic side.


You may be the target of a deceitful person who does not have your best interests at heart. He carries a bag of tricks and has fraudulent ideas. Beware of becoming a victim. Emotional problems hinder growth and there is a lack of motivation. You might be allowing your emotions to control you. You might have a tendency to jump to conclusions as your emotions are taking over logic. Prepare yourself for disappointment: what was a pleasant dream is now a nightmare.



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