Knight of Swords

This card, the Knight of Swords, Minor Arcana, indicates an individual who has great communication skills and is convincing and can at times act impulsive and erratic. You need to watch out for people who may be acting inconsistently. This may be confusing to you because you don’t know if they are an enemy or friend. He has leadership qualities but at times can be tactless. He will stand up for his beliefs no matter what it takes. He is extremely logical, but has difficulty showing emotions and feelings. But once his heart is won over, he will defend you for a lifetime. He means well, but can be domineering and overwhelming. A new project could be in the works. Energy is high, yet the challenges and consequences go unnoticed. Communication skills are at their peak. You can drive the point home, easily overcoming obstacles. Don’t rush or cut corners: this will have a negative impact.
Beware of those getting in the way of your progress, creativity and intuition. These are people you need to recognize and stay away from as they will put roadblocks in your plans. Be cautious of a mischievous younger individual who is ready to challenge you at any time. Your drive can be your destruction. You have become impatient and impulsive in decision making. You have no direction, spinning your wheels and are driving others down with you. You need to pace yourself, rest and organize your thoughts. Prioritizing will bring success. If not, it will only cause chaos. You must take responsibility and not depend on others. Don’t worry if you trip up, it is part of the process. You are also frustrated, with an inability to sway others your way. You cannot control others. You need to let others make their own mistakes.



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