Nine of Swords

The Nine of Swords card, Minor Arcana, represents nightmares, both in sleep and while awake. These nightmares are brought on by the anguish and fears of your daily life. You may be in denial about a past experience: possibly from some of your wrong doings or those that were brought on by others. Stress and guilt are causing mental and emotional pain. Feelings of victimization are continuous. The fact that you believe that no one cares about you can bring you to tears. However, the anxiety and feelings of being stuck are really an opening to a new life. What you fear most of all most likely will not happen. What appeared to be a lost cause can be overcome.
There is an indication that you are creating your own problems and are burning yourself out. The fears you have are still present but it is time to work through them. If you continue in this state, there is a danger of illness. Understanding your anxieties will open a new door for you. Face your demons. Don’t manifest a self-fulfilling prophecy. This card can also indicate that bad situations or nightmares are over. Caution is needed in financial affairs.



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