Paralysis Dreams

Dreaming about paralysis or being unable to move in your dreams is very common. This kind of dream can symbolize the problems and struggles you may be experiencing in your waking life. The feeling of being paralyzed is an inherent fear for many people, and sometimes dreaming about it can cause great anxiety upon awakening.
Manifestations in a paralysis dream can be the inability to: get up from your bed, walk a flight of stairs, grasp an object or run from impending danger.
Paralysis dreams may signify that you are feeling stuck and restrained from accomplishing a particularly important goal in your waking life. These feelings can stem from either external or internal sources; however, your own insecurities might be the ultimate driving force. Stresses in your waking life may bring on this type of dream; financial worries, health concerns, relationship conflicts, career advancement, unresolved family issues. Emotional states in your waking life, in which you have been stuffing your feelings or have a fear of expressing them, can also cause dreams of paralysis. You may also be too rigid or inflexible in your waking life.
In addition, dreams of paralysis as an adult may be the result of a childhood consumed with a rigid upbringing or a series of events while growing up that had a negative impact. In waking life, these experiences can cause feelings of helplessness and an inability to move forward.
If you dream about someone else being paralyzed, this could be symbolic of a part of yourself that is being held back by something or someone.
It is important to monitor and analyze the dreams you have so you can be in touch with your day-to-day waking life and ultimately improve upon it.




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