Psychic Responsibility

There are some important points to make about the psychic responsibility that psychic mediums have to anyone seeking their insights. First and foremost is that they should use their special gift wisely and be aware with whom they share those abilities. It is human nature for some people to be skeptical about what they don?t understand. Don?t worry too much about what people think. For as many naysayers as there might be, there are just as many, if not more, believers.


It has been my experience that people who have lost loved ones want to know how the departed are doing. Even if you truly feel that you can connect with a person who has passed on, don?t give answers based on what the family or friends want to hear. Only give what comes to your mind. Be careful about divulging information that could be harmful or hurtful, such as describing a tragic death in detail. However, those details might be the connection to the individual. Keep in mind that for some people, to relive that experience again could be devastating.


Another point to consider is if someone comes to you displaying signs of depression or is contemplating suicide, do be careful what you say. The consequences could be devastating. Never lead anyone to believe that the other side is better than the here and now. Don?t fuel someone?s personal fire ? always suggest that positive changes are possible. Don?t ever encourage a negative, self-fulfilling prophecy. There are always other options. If you abuse your gift in any way, you not only harm the individual, but you negatively impact yourself and the whole community of psychics.


During a reading for a sitter, a name of an individual may pop into my head that I sense is alive. I might also sense that there is a connection with that person, either from a current, past or even future situation, which had or will have an impact on the sitter?s life, relationship or occupation. Although I may get a positive or negative feeling about the person, I do not pass on that judgment. It is possible that the individual that popped into my head could be unknown to the sitter at that time.


An example of that happened during a reading I did for a woman who was having marriage difficulties. I sensed the name of another woman, who she could not make an immediate connection with. I believed that she was thinking the worst about her husband. It turned out that the name I gave her was a person who offered her husband a new job opportunity.


All in all, remember that psychic readings go very quickly. You may not understand all of the messages during the reading. Give it time and when you figure it out it will make sense. As a medium, I appreciate it when someone who has gotten a reading from me lets me know that they have fit all of the pieces together from the reading.




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