Six of Swords

The Six of Swords card, Minor Arcana, signifies motion and moving on. Healing needs to begin. A solution to a problem is on the horizon. Indications are those of moving forward. There is a balance between your logical thinking and your intuition. You will have to make some hard choices. The current circumstances that were keeping you down are soon to be over. The desire for calmness and for things to go smoothly can only happen if you adjust your thinking. Keep an open mind to many options ? but one will be your answer. Travel plans may be in the near future.
There is stagnation and an inability to move forward. You may be experiencing some challenges moving ahead. Your emotions are mixed up. You have feelings of being stuck in old business and love relationships. Struggles may still be hanging over your head and more roadblocks appear. You may not see a way out of your current situation, however, stay the course and you will be set free. You may find it difficult to negotiate with uncooperative individuals.



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