Spirit Guides

It is believed that spirit guides, as well as guardian angels and archangels, help to guide us through life. It is believed that spirit guides have lived many centuries before and they are not necessarily related to us. These guides choose to remain close by on Earth to aid in various ways. They are around us for life.


Spirit guides are our link to the spirit world and to our spiritual awareness. Spirit guides exist as energies on a higher plane to watch over, protect, help and advise us through our lives. Just as we all have an archangel assigned to us at birth, we also have a spirit guide, which may not ever be revealed to us. However, throughout our lifetime, different guides may pop in and out to help with various needs. These are known as transitional guides.
Many psychic mediums, psychic readers, energy workers and healers rely on angels, archangels and spirit guides in their work. Because these guides are not in the physical realm, they are able to give these individuals much greater knowledge, information and insight into the people they are working with. Some psychics say that speaking with their spirit guides is through their mind’s eye and that they also receive specific messages in this way. Other psychics are able to see and hear their personal spirit guides. Others who have a different sensitivity may feel a deep presence or experience a gut feeling when their guide is there. Not all people are aware of their guides, it may take a clear and precise dream, vision or recurring dreams to realize them. Another way that people have discovered their guides is through hypnosis, an induced trance or practicing meditation. Many qualified psychics and psychic mediums do not know their spirit guides. They believe the information that they are able to pass on to others is a gift, and they accept the fact that it is just given to them.

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