Tips for Meditation

While meditation is essentially a simple practice, there are a number of things you can do to enhance the experience. Follow these tips and you will greatly improve your health and well-being. Remember that meditation gets easier with each session. The key element to your success is proper breathing. We all have our energy that surrounds us called prana, which is a sanskrit term for life-force energy. All living things absorb prana through the sun, earth and the Divine. Focus on deeply breathing in your prana and releasing any bad energies from within. Doing this balances, strengthens and cleanses your auras and allows for greater psychic awareness. So find yourself a comfortable place and enjoy the peace in meditation.
1. Keep interruptions to a minimum: Turn off the phone, shut the door and close off from the outside world.
2. Try to meditate twice a day, at the same time of day: Meditating twice a day, preferably at sunrise and sunset, links us to the natural daily rhythms of our world, enabling us to tune into and use those rhythms for our own health and well-being.
3. Try to meditate in the same place: Arranging a special corner or particular room for meditation also helps to establish regular, easy practice.
4. Do not meditate on a full stomach: After a meal, most of us tend to feel sluggish, as our energy is directed towards digestion.
5. Meditate in a comfortable position: If you are sitting down, it is important that your back is upright and that both feet are placed on the ground. If you are lying down, it is important that your back, arms and legs are straight. This allows the energy to flow freely through the spinal column and your breathing to regulate.


6. Use a mantra or mandala: These two tools can help you to focus and clear your mind of unwanted chatter and also reach the clarity necessary to obtain the information you seek.




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