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A Psychic Medium, Messages and Memories


World Talk Radio
The Self Improvement Show

Take this opportunity to hear what a psychic medium actually sees and hears when he connects with those who have passed on. If you are skeptical, the broadcast will surely make you think twice. Donnie Tash, co-founder of, talks about how he communicates with our loved ones who have departed and how he receives their messages. Technical difficulties during the show did prevent the broadcast of three clips from a prerecorded reading. However, he and Irene do discuss the reading in depth on the program. For further clarification, we have added the recordings here so that you can play them after you listen to the show in its entirety.


The host of the Self Improvement Show, Dr. Irene Conlan, had also asked Donnie if he could get any information about her dear friend Stephen, who had passed away years earlier. During the show, she acknowledges the accuracy of the information that Donnie revealed to her, but it was not until after the show that she was, in her own words, ?blown away.?


So listen to the Self Improvement Show and to the recorded segments from the reading that did not air on the program, and then click on the attached article (below the unaired segments) that Dr. Conlan wrote the day after the show, entitled ?Bill, Ducks and a Magazine: The Psychic Medium Blew Me Away.?


We guarantee that you will gain a new perspective, given the evidence presented here.


Unaired Excerpts from the Reading by Donnie

Segment 1

Segment 2

Segment 3


Making Sense of It All after the Show

Bill, Ducks and a Magazine: The Psychic Medium Blew Me Away
By Irene Conlan

May 11, 2012

Donnie Tash, a psychic medium, was my guest on The Self Improvement Show yesterday (May 10) and he blew me away. He said he had a message from my beloved Stephen who died in 2001 of Lou Gehrig’s disease. “He’s very grateful for all you did for him,” Donnie reported.

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The Psychic Medium Blew Me Away

Bill, Ducks and a Magazine: The Psychic Medium Blew Me Away

By Irene Conlan

May 11, 2012?

Donnie Tash, a?psychic?medium, was my guest on The Self Improvement Show yesterday (May 10) and he blew me away. He said he had a message from my beloved Stephen who died in 2001 of Lou Gehrig?s disease. ?He?s very grateful for all you did for him,? Donnie reported. ?O.K., fine.? I thought. No big deal there. Donnie continued ?He talked about how you bossed the doctors around and he talked about something you wrote ? about someone named Bill and about ducks.? He continued, ?He did well with the disease for a long time and then suddenly got worse.? I could confirm that Donnie was ?spot on? about that.


I drew a complete blank. Stephen and I didn?t know anyone named Bill and I didn?t know about the ducks. I write a lot of articles and I probably talked about getting ?your ducks in a row.?? I couldn?t remember. Donnie insisted I wrote it for a magazine but I?ve never written for a magazine.? Doctors, Bill, ducks, a fast decline and a magazine. What on earth was he talking about?


Still blank, I was not able to confirm what he was telling me except for the statement about Stephen?s sudden decline and being bossy.


Well, we talked about it again last night and did some Googleing. It took a while but we finally found it. I wrote an article in March of 2009 for The AZNet News ? a wonderful holistic newspaper published here in Arizona. I also submitted it to EzineArticles and posted it on this blog. (Notice the ?zine? in Ezine as in magazine).


The reason I?m telling you this is that I completely forgot about the article, about calling Stephen ?Bill? in anything I ever wrote and about the ducks. Donnie certainly didn?t know about any of it. For a Medium to pick up on details as tiny as these but, at the same time as highly significant, is more than awesome and certainly not coincidence.? It is real! He got information!? He didn?t get the information from me so I can only assume Stephen helped. You be the judge.


The message? Stephen was grateful that I still cared about what had happened to him and that I wanted to let people know about it. He wanted to say ?Thank you.?


I have run the article in full below with the passages marked in bold that Donnie Tash talked about and I couldn?t remember:



The Powerful Effect of Bedside Manner ? A True Story?For Healthcare Professionals

By?Irene Conlan?-

This is about bedside manner and it is a true story.


He ??we?ll call him Bill?? had been ill for several months with some strange symptoms, which progressed rapidly. When he finally saw a physician, he was weak on one side of his body, was having trouble swallowing and had twitching muscles?all over his body. He was sent immediately to a large neurological center for diagnosis and?treatment.


After spending all day being examined in the emergency room he was finally admitted to a hospital room late in the day ? discouraged, exhausted and frightened. They woke him in the middle of the night for an MRI and a CT scan and he got almost no sleep. The next morning started very early with blood work, more x-rays and a parade of?health care?professionals. By nighttime he was too tired to eat and sleep would not come. No one seemed to notice.


The next day the neurologist, considered one of the best of the best, came in with a retinue of residents trailing behind. Chart in hand he looked at this very ill man and said, ?Well, we?re pretty confident that you have ALS ? that?s Lou Gehrig?s disease. There?s no known cause, no?treatment?and no cure.? He spoke in Medicalese to the residents ? words that regular people don?t understand ? and then turned to?Bill?and asked, ?Do you have any questions?? Everyone was too stunned to ask anything and the specialist and his charges, with no further comments or dialog, left?the room.


The next day after the last confirming test was done, the neurologist came in again with his parade of residents. After dialoging among themselves, again in Medicalese, the doctor said to?Bill, ?The last test is in and it is confirmed that you have ALS. There?s no cure. Now don?t go running around spending your?moneyon exotic?treatments?and alternative methods because nothing will help you. You can go on home and come back to the ALS Clinic. Do you have any questions?? Not waiting for an answer,?he left?the room?like a duck with his ducklings trailing behind him.


The death sentence had been delivered without so much as a kind word or gesture.


The hospital staff came and went quickly like they were just too busy to say anything (and in all likelihood they did not know just what to say to someone who had just been told he was going to die a horrible death soon).


Later in his?treatment?? a month or two later at the Clinic ? this brilliant doctor said,??I?m really surprised that you are not deteriorating faster.? Bill obliged him and his decline accelerated. Within a month and a half he died in hospice. (The care at Hospice, by the way, was amazingly supportive, loving and compassionate).


The doctor was brilliant. The hospital gave the best physical care that could ever possibly be given. The bedside manner of both the doctors and the hospital staff scored at Zero!


?Bedside manner? is really no more than:

o Common Courtesy

o Kindness

o Listening

o Showing interest

o Using understandable language

o Perhaps showing compassion


It does not matter if you are a renowned specialist in allopathic medicine, an osteopathic,?homeopathic?or naturopathic doctor, a dentist, a chiropractor, a reiki master, a spiritual healer or some other form of alternative and complementary medicine practitioner, your patient deserves to be treated like an intelligent, sensitive, competent human being. It is your job to give him information in a language he can understand, give him the bad news without robbing him of all hope and set a stage for his healing or transition.


Remember that your patient is more than bones,?muscles, organs and skin and that what impinges on him emotionally, spiritually and psychologically impacts his response to medical care and healing work. Your bedside manner can be used as therapeutically as the prescription pad, the adjustment and the energy work. Put yourself in your patient?s shoes and think about what you would need to know and how you would like to be treated ? then your bedside manner will most likely be what it should be.


There you have it. The magazine,?Bill, the ducks, and, the article doesn?t say so, but, yes, I got?bossy.


Thank you Donnie, for being so great at what you do and do it with such integrity.


Irene Conlan has a masters?degree?in nursing, a doctoral?degree?in metaphysics, is a certified hypnotherapist and an ordained minister. She practices holistic hypnotherapy in Scottsdale, AZ and the Phoenix metropolitan area. Irene can be found at?





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Talk To Me!

Individuals who have the ability to communicate with animals seem to be more commonplace today. Whether these people are called pet psychics, animal whisperers or animal communicators, they have one thing in common. They all use intuition, empathy and telepathy to receive information beyond the bark, growl, purr or hiss. In fact, there is much more to even a horse?s neighing or a sheep?s baa.


When ?embarking? (excuse the pun) on this journey of understanding what the animals have to tell you, first look at what you already know. Most pets and animals are creatures of habit. If you give them a set time of day for walking, feeding or playing, most animals will be quite attentive or excited when these times are approaching. Pets understand their own internal clocks and follow the similar cycles that humans do.

So what can animals really tell you? Most animals and pets are concerned with three things ? the here and now, the past and the immediate future. They communicate these concerns either physically or through telepathy. Telepathy, a form of extrasensory perception (ESP), is the direct communication between two living beings on a level that is void of written or verbal communication or the use of the five senses. One being is considered the ?sender? or ?transmitter,? and the other is the ?receiver.? Telepathy can occur between animals, between humans, and between animals and humans on three levels:


1. Physical ? sensations of hunger, pain or illness occurring spontaneously.

2. Mental ? communication and visualization occurring without language.

3. Emotional ? feeling different levels of depression, excitement or fear, without explanation.


Telepathic information is usually received through imagery or visualization. During pet communication, visualization techniques will be most important. This type of communication will take patience and practice.


Many people who own pets seem to possess some form of knowing what their pets want or are possibly thinking. How many times have you reassured your pets that you will be returning, just as you are about to leave the house? Have you ever noticed that when you are not feeling well, your pets stay close to you while recuperating?


Pets and animals have so much to tell! They are aware of even the slightest changes. The phrase ?out of the mouths of babes? perfectly describes their innocence. Their thoughts are keener than we give them credit for. It?s like when a kindergartener comes home from school and can?t wait to tell you everything that happened that day.


Each animal?s personality is unique. Some are extremely sensitive, while others are very conceited. They are specific about their likes and dislikes. They have great memories and remember many details that we might have forgotten. In fact, they are aware of even the slightest change occurring in their owners or surroundings. They are vigilant protectors. Your pets are bursting to share themselves with you and love you unconditionally. Even if an animal or pet may have had a past that was a bit dark or scary ? they truly ARE willing to share that past with you. All you have to do is listen.




As with any type of telepathic communication, quieting your mind is important. Begin by observing the animal and try to visualize the thoughts that come into your mind. Remember that you need to disregard any imagined thoughts. Animals will communicate using images, motions and short visual stories. You will need to do the same when using your mind to communicate with them.


It is best if you start the communication with your own pet. To do this, lie quietly next to your pet. If it is a dog, start thinking about the leash you use to walk him. Focus on the leash as if you were getting ready to grab it to go for a walk. Keep transmitting that image in your mind. After some time, watch and see if the dog becomes excited ? as if he knew he was going to be taken out. You may also want to try this exercise thinking about your pet?s favorite toy. He just might bring the toy to you for some play time. This is a good test to see if the dog is picking up your telepathic message. Be patient, this may take several tries.


Now, keeping in mind that you need to be relaxed and quiet, try to pick up on the dog?s feelings, emotions and images. Again, lie or sit close to your pet on the ground. Let your mind wander away from any wishful images or visions about your pet. See if in you can get a picture in your mind of something the two of you had done together in the past. Also be aware of your own feelings, and observe if any new emotions pop up. This may be the beginning of how to get an impression of what your dog is feeling.


Another good way to test your ability to communicate with animals is to visit someone you know who has perhaps just adopted or rescued a pet. This is key because there are certain facts about the dog?s previous surroundings that you have no prior knowledge of. Ask the owners to let you try out your communication skills and to hold back any information that they have on the dog?s past from you.


Most likely, the pet will greet you with some excitement. He will probably be just as curious about you as you are about him. Let things calm down. Once you feel that you and the pet are ready to communicate, practice the same calming techniques you used with your own pet. See if you are getting images, words or short scenarios in your head. If you don?t get anything right away, avoid playing a guessing game. However, if you feel strongly about the messages you are getting, ask the owners if these things mean anything to them about their pet. If you are accurate about what had previously taken place with their pet, they will be very surprised and you will know that your intuition is working and that you are telepathically communicating. Keep going. You may want to start asking the pet some questions mentally. See what answers you get.


Developing skills with any type of psychic abilities will take practice and grooming. Everyone has his or her own techniques. Find out which ones work for you. After some time, receiving messages and communicating with animals will definitely become quicker and easier.


To learn more about other psychic abilities and how to develop them, visit the Learning Room.



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