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Psychomanteum: Spirits Through a Looking Glass

A psychomanteum is a small, dark chamber used to facilitate communication with a particular departed soul. Its origin stem from an ancient Greek ritual for contacting those in the spirit realm. At that time, individuals were led through an underground maze to a dimly lit place so they would be away from outside stimuli. In that area was a cauldron or bowl filled with water or oil. The person would gaze directly into the cauldron, look at and focus on his own reflection in the hope that the spirit would appear.


This was actually an early form of scrying, which is a type of divination used to predict the future by gazing into a crystal ball (crystallomancy), other shiny object or reflective surface. Reflective surfaces were believed to be a portal to the spirit world. Throughout ancient history, many cultures have used other methods, using herbs, plants, smoke or drumming, to induce an altered state of mind to achieve a higher consciousness in order to contact spirits for guidance, to answer questions, to heal and to connect with ancestors who had passed.



The earliest known term used for these chambers was psuchomanteia. In the 20th century, Raymond Moody, M.D., Ph.D., grief counselor, respected researcher in near-death experiences and author of Life after Life and other works, was inspired by the writings of Herodotus about the Oracle of the Dead and Homer in The Odyssey, in which they described these chambers. Moody believed that such a chamber would help individuals through the grieving process after the death of a loved one or friend. The time spent contacting and connecting with those in the spirit realm would help or create a powerful impact on emotional healing. Moody recreated a modern-day chamber and called it a psychomanteum. Currently, his work in the field continues, and he lectures, consults and researches on this topic, as well as others.



Moody?s psychomanteum chamber was a small, dimly lit room (approximately the size of a walk-in closet) with a mirror on one wall and a comfortable chair directly facing the mirror. It was intentionally hung so that the individual sitting in the chair was unable to see his or her own reflection. This was not the case in ancient psychomanteums, in which the individual stared at his own reflection while gazing into a reflective surface. Placed behind the chair was a lamp with a low-wattage bulb. Additionally, a black velvet curtain surrounded the chair to create a nestled and secure environment for the individual. Doing that was a form of sensory deprivation, which was used to block all external stimuli, thus allowing the mind of the individual sitting in the chair to focus only on the intended spirit that was to be contacted.



Before participating in the initial chamber testing, a rigorous selection process for potential subjects was put in place. Moody devised specific methods to prepare the selected participants for the experience. He encouraged them to dress in comfortable attire, to bring an object or picture that evoked strong memories of the deceased and to share their deepest feelings and experiences with him, either positive or negative. Moody continued to relax the participants by walking leisurely and talking about the grieving process and the expectations of the psychomanteum experience. To get his subjects even more relaxed and get them closer to a true meditative state, he had them also lie down and listen to soft music before entering the chamber.



The actual time spent in the psychomanteum was a mere 45 minutes to one hour, while in comparison, the preparation for it took quite a few hours. After each session in the room ended, he would discuss the experience in-depth with the participant.



Moody never guaranteed a connection with those who had passed during the time in the psychomanteum. People?s experiences within the chamber varied. In some cases, the spirit that the person hoped to contact did in fact appear to deliver a message, some final words or just some extra time that was needed between the two. In other cases, another spirit who had a relationship with the person appeared and offered similar comfort or an important message.



Sometimes, subjects experienced a feeling that a comforting presence was in the room, being touched by the apparition ? a consoling hug, a gentle stroke on the hand or face, or the spirit appearing as if it were once again in human form. Moody reported that regardless of what did or did not ?appear? from the spirit realm during the time spent in the room, the subjects had positive reactions to it and felt comforted, at peace and gained much needed closure regarding the passing of their departed.



Today, the purpose of the psychomanteum has been expanded to include not just bereavement and contacting spirits. It has become a key tool in helping people to attain a greater knowledge of the Self and to provide the ability to achieve a higher consciousness, which can aid in clarifying change and major life decisions.







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In a Psychic Medium’s Own Words

Psychic mediums have the ability to connect with loved ones who have passed, as well as to know the names of those who are living that have played or are playing significant roles in an individual?s life. They are also able to pick up on a person?s career, travel plans or current events that may be impacting one?s life. Psychic Library’s psychic medium, Donnie Tash, who is also one of its founders, has often been asked to describe what happens and what it looks like when he communicates with someone’s loved one who has passed. He does not go into a trance, the names and information are just there in his mind, and all he does is relay it back to the person. He prefers to call the process “harnessing their energies.” Sometimes people who have passed on choose to appear to him at a different time in their lives, or during a particularly happy period.





By Donnie Tash


Each of us carries within ourselves the imprints of our past and current experiences, sensitivities and vulnerabilities ? what I refer to as invisible tattoos or veiled scars. I have a heightened sensitivity to some people?s imprints. These imprints are vibrations that translate to my mind?s eye as images and past events, most of which relate to people (living or dead) who have been involved in a person?s life or those who are currently playing a role in it. My intuition also plays an important role when I feel that something new or challenging is about to happen in someone?s life.


Many people want to know what the Other Side looks like. It?s not like I get a peek into where these people go, or that I have to pass through a lighted white tunnel, as so many people have reported after a near-death experience (NDE). I get pictures in my mind, somewhat clear. Then I see a jigsaw puzzle of facts and thoughts that fit in with those pictures.


Think about it, when you put together a real jigsaw puzzle, you start with the pieces on the outer edge to make things easier; then eventually everything connects, and all of those smaller, single pieces fit together. Sometimes though, I am given the center piece of the puzzle and work my way out. However, the person who is getting the reading may not put all the pieces together during a reading because things move at such a rapid pace. It may take a while for all of the pieces to fit and some people might not connect them for even a day or two.


People who have passed on are sometimes very clear to me. Those who are ready to come through are at times just standing there. A person may come to a reading in the hopes of contacting a specific individual who has passed; however, sometimes another individual may come through to me with a totally different message. This is something a psychic has no control over.?But during that same reading, bits and pieces may be revealed about the initial individual the person wanted to contact. In fact, sometimes people appear just to jar the individual?s memory.


When people from the other side speak through me, it?s as if I have a cell phone in my head and I?m receiving an audio text message. Try to envision that you are recalling a conversation you have had with someone. That?s exactly how I hear them. I then start getting a name, and more and more details start to show up. By sitting down and thinking a bit longer, more details do appear. I often get visual snippets of images of either the person or of something that relates to them, for example, something they had owned or a hobby they enjoyed.


Names, at times, can be tricky for me. I might only get sounds of single letters that appear in the name, or I might get garbled groups of sounds. For example, note the similarity between the names Barbara and Rebecca. In another example, I might ask: Who?s name contains a strong, dominant sounding letter L? Then I may think of Lilly or Alison. However, sometimes a name or nickname will just come through very clear and precise.?I will ask the person receiving the reading: What does this person mean to you? Or Who did you refer to with this name?


All in all, remember that psychic readings go very quickly. You may not understand all of the messages during the reading,?but give it some time. You will figure it out and it will make sense. As a psychic medium, I do appreciate it when someone who has gotten a reading from me lets me know that they understand the connections made and have fit all of the pieces together.


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A Psychic Medium, Messages and Memories


World Talk Radio
The Self Improvement Show

Take this opportunity to hear what a psychic medium actually sees and hears when he connects with those who have passed on. If you are skeptical, the broadcast will surely make you think twice. Donnie Tash, co-founder of www.psychiclibrary.com, talks about how he communicates with our loved ones who have departed and how he receives their messages. Technical difficulties during the show did prevent the broadcast of three clips from a prerecorded reading. However, he and Irene do discuss the reading in depth on the program. For further clarification, we have added the recordings here so that you can play them after you listen to the show in its entirety.


The host of the Self Improvement Show, Dr. Irene Conlan, had also asked Donnie if he could get any information about her dear friend Stephen, who had passed away years earlier. During the show, she acknowledges the accuracy of the information that Donnie revealed to her, but it was not until after the show that she was, in her own words, ?blown away.?


So listen to the Self Improvement Show and to the recorded segments from the reading that did not air on the program, and then click on the attached article (below the unaired segments) that Dr. Conlan wrote the day after the show, entitled ?Bill, Ducks and a Magazine: The Psychic Medium Blew Me Away.?


We guarantee that you will gain a new perspective, given the evidence presented here.


Unaired Excerpts from the Reading by Donnie

Segment 1

Segment 2

Segment 3


Making Sense of It All after the Show

Bill, Ducks and a Magazine: The Psychic Medium Blew Me Away
By Irene Conlan

May 11, 2012

Donnie Tash, a psychic medium, was my guest on The Self Improvement Show yesterday (May 10) and he blew me away. He said he had a message from my beloved Stephen who died in 2001 of Lou Gehrig’s disease. “He’s very grateful for all you did for him,” Donnie reported.

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The Psychic Medium Blew Me Away

Bill, Ducks and a Magazine: The Psychic Medium Blew Me Away

By Irene Conlan

May 11, 2012?

Donnie Tash, a?psychic?medium, was my guest on The Self Improvement Show yesterday (May 10) and he blew me away. He said he had a message from my beloved Stephen who died in 2001 of Lou Gehrig?s disease. ?He?s very grateful for all you did for him,? Donnie reported. ?O.K., fine.? I thought. No big deal there. Donnie continued ?He talked about how you bossed the doctors around and he talked about something you wrote ? about someone named Bill and about ducks.? He continued, ?He did well with the disease for a long time and then suddenly got worse.? I could confirm that Donnie was ?spot on? about that.


I drew a complete blank. Stephen and I didn?t know anyone named Bill and I didn?t know about the ducks. I write a lot of articles and I probably talked about getting ?your ducks in a row.?? I couldn?t remember. Donnie insisted I wrote it for a magazine but I?ve never written for a magazine.? Doctors, Bill, ducks, a fast decline and a magazine. What on earth was he talking about?


Still blank, I was not able to confirm what he was telling me except for the statement about Stephen?s sudden decline and being bossy.


Well, we talked about it again last night and did some Googleing. It took a while but we finally found it. I wrote an article in March of 2009 for The AZNet News ? a wonderful holistic newspaper published here in Arizona. I also submitted it to EzineArticles and posted it on this blog. (Notice the ?zine? in Ezine as in magazine).


The reason I?m telling you this is that I completely forgot about the article, about calling Stephen ?Bill? in anything I ever wrote and about the ducks. Donnie certainly didn?t know about any of it. For a Medium to pick up on details as tiny as these but, at the same time as highly significant, is more than awesome and certainly not coincidence.? It is real! He got information!? He didn?t get the information from me so I can only assume Stephen helped. You be the judge.


The message? Stephen was grateful that I still cared about what had happened to him and that I wanted to let people know about it. He wanted to say ?Thank you.?


I have run the article in full below with the passages marked in bold that Donnie Tash talked about and I couldn?t remember:



The Powerful Effect of Bedside Manner ? A True Story?For Healthcare Professionals

By?Irene Conlan?-

This is about bedside manner and it is a true story.


He ??we?ll call him Bill?? had been ill for several months with some strange symptoms, which progressed rapidly. When he finally saw a physician, he was weak on one side of his body, was having trouble swallowing and had twitching muscles?all over his body. He was sent immediately to a large neurological center for diagnosis and?treatment.


After spending all day being examined in the emergency room he was finally admitted to a hospital room late in the day ? discouraged, exhausted and frightened. They woke him in the middle of the night for an MRI and a CT scan and he got almost no sleep. The next morning started very early with blood work, more x-rays and a parade of?health care?professionals. By nighttime he was too tired to eat and sleep would not come. No one seemed to notice.


The next day the neurologist, considered one of the best of the best, came in with a retinue of residents trailing behind. Chart in hand he looked at this very ill man and said, ?Well, we?re pretty confident that you have ALS ? that?s Lou Gehrig?s disease. There?s no known cause, no?treatment?and no cure.? He spoke in Medicalese to the residents ? words that regular people don?t understand ? and then turned to?Bill?and asked, ?Do you have any questions?? Everyone was too stunned to ask anything and the specialist and his charges, with no further comments or dialog, left?the room.


The next day after the last confirming test was done, the neurologist came in again with his parade of residents. After dialoging among themselves, again in Medicalese, the doctor said to?Bill, ?The last test is in and it is confirmed that you have ALS. There?s no cure. Now don?t go running around spending your?moneyon exotic?treatments?and alternative methods because nothing will help you. You can go on home and come back to the ALS Clinic. Do you have any questions?? Not waiting for an answer,?he left?the room?like a duck with his ducklings trailing behind him.


The death sentence had been delivered without so much as a kind word or gesture.


The hospital staff came and went quickly like they were just too busy to say anything (and in all likelihood they did not know just what to say to someone who had just been told he was going to die a horrible death soon).


Later in his?treatment?? a month or two later at the Clinic ? this brilliant doctor said,??I?m really surprised that you are not deteriorating faster.? Bill obliged him and his decline accelerated. Within a month and a half he died in hospice. (The care at Hospice, by the way, was amazingly supportive, loving and compassionate).


The doctor was brilliant. The hospital gave the best physical care that could ever possibly be given. The bedside manner of both the doctors and the hospital staff scored at Zero!


?Bedside manner? is really no more than:

o Common Courtesy

o Kindness

o Listening

o Showing interest

o Using understandable language

o Perhaps showing compassion


It does not matter if you are a renowned specialist in allopathic medicine, an osteopathic,?homeopathic?or naturopathic doctor, a dentist, a chiropractor, a reiki master, a spiritual healer or some other form of alternative and complementary medicine practitioner, your patient deserves to be treated like an intelligent, sensitive, competent human being. It is your job to give him information in a language he can understand, give him the bad news without robbing him of all hope and set a stage for his healing or transition.


Remember that your patient is more than bones,?muscles, organs and skin and that what impinges on him emotionally, spiritually and psychologically impacts his response to medical care and healing work. Your bedside manner can be used as therapeutically as the prescription pad, the adjustment and the energy work. Put yourself in your patient?s shoes and think about what you would need to know and how you would like to be treated ? then your bedside manner will most likely be what it should be.


There you have it. The magazine,?Bill, the ducks, and, the article doesn?t say so, but, yes, I got?bossy.


Thank you Donnie, for being so great at what you do and do it with such integrity.


Irene Conlan has a masters?degree?in nursing, a doctoral?degree?in metaphysics, is a certified hypnotherapist and an ordained minister. She practices holistic hypnotherapy in Scottsdale, AZ and the Phoenix metropolitan area. Irene can be found at?http://www.theselfimprovementblog.com.





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