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Am I Psychic? – Take A Test

Are you wondering if you have psychic abilities or powers because you were able to predict a future event that happened? Or have you realized that you had information about people that had not been previously given to you?? Are you sensing things about strangers you meet? Can you tell what an animal or pet is thinking? And ultimately, do you believe that you are connecting with people who have passed away?

So, just how psychic are you and which psychic abilities do you have???

Specific types of psychic abilities have been recorded. The most common form is intuition. Everyone is born with it. Intuition is that gut feeling you get regarding people, places and events.? All of the other forms of psychic abilities depend on it. When intuition is heightened, there is a lot more you are able to do.

These forms of extrasensory perception (ESP) or heightened abilities are collectively known as psi phenomenon and are listed below.





Intuition is part of the sixth sense and everybody has it. It is an awareness of a fact or reality that is not related to any usual reasoning power or logical assumption. It is an insight about events that may or may not take place. It surpasses logic and is more than an educated guess. Intuition is your internal communication system and is on call at any moment.


It is acquired through past experiences, current events and a natural instinct. Somehow all of this information is bundled and stored in our gut.



At one time or another, you have sensed someone?s aura. This is often referred to as the ?vibes,? or vibrations you get from a person.? Aura sensing is demonstrated in children between the ages of four and six. For example, when drawing family members, some children use a specific color for each person. They do so because they sense the human aura, although they do not consciously realize it. Parents and teachers often question them about why they have chosen these specific colors. Believing that there might be something wrong about drawing this way because of all the questioning, the children eventually stop. As they continue to mature, the ability fades as logic gets in the way of psychic abilities.



Channeling is the ability to connect with spirits of people who have passed away. This can be done in several ways. Direct channeling is when a deceased person connects directly with a living individual or through a psychic medium. A spirit or spirit guide often work as conduits to facilitate the transfer of information to someone or to a psychic medium in the physical world.? It can be also be accomplished through various types of? trance states to obtain information.



Clairaudience, which means clear hearing, is the ability to perceive sounds or words from outside sources in the spirit world. Psychics who are clairaudient hear voices, sounds or music that are not audible to the normal ear. They receive these messages mentally or within their ears. Most often, psychics have this ability in tandem with clairvoyance.

As with clairvoyance, many people have this ability without consciously realizing it. It is similar to that of someone repeating prior conversations or phrases from the past within his own mind. In some cases, the conversations are actually audible in their physical ears.



Clairsentience, which means clear sensing, is the ability to feel the present, past or future physical and emotional states of others, without the use of the normal five senses.? Psychics who are clairsentient are able to retrieve information from houses, public buildings and outside areas.? It is also one of the abilities used in aura sensing and psychometry.

Many people have this ability without consciously realizing it. They are the individuals who talk about getting a gut feeling, good or bad, when looking to purchase a home or just entering a building. They might pass an internal judgment of an individual when they meet.



The term clairvoyance, or clear seeing, originated from the French words clair (clear) and voir (to see).? It is the ability to see events from the future, present and past within the mind?s eye.? Clairvoyance differs from telepathy, which is one of several other psychic powers. Telepathy is a conscious, direct sending of information from one individual to another, without the use of the five senses. Clairvoyance is the knowledge of past, present or future events that is gained without direct conscious thought.



Precognition is the ability to actually perceive or see a future event through extrasensory perception (ESP) or clairvoyance, before it happens.? The term is derived from the Latin pr?, meaning ?prior to? and cognitio, meaning ?to learn.? Precognition is often confused with the terms premonition or prophecy, which only relate to a feeling of or sensing that something will happen in the future.

Precognitive events usually appear to individuals as a flash or spontaneous vision ? when, in an awakened state, a person receives a short intense mental scenario.



Psychometry is also known as psychometrics or token-object reading. The term psychometry is derived from the Greek words ?psyche? meaning mind or soul and ?metron? meaning measure. It was named for the science invented by American physician and professor of physiology, Joseph Rhodes Buchanan in the 1840s. During a psychometry reading, a psychic is able to pick up impressions, visions, thoughts or events relating to someone just by holding an object, piece of jewelry, photograph or letter belonging to that person.


Telekinesis (TK) or psychokinesis (PK) is the movement of objects from one place to another without any form of physical contact. It also means re-shaping objects using one?s own mental energies, such as bending a spoon or small metal object by focusing on it or holding it. The term psychokinesis comes from the Greek words ?psyche? meaning mind or soul and ?kineisis? meaning distant-movement.



Telepathy is the direct communication between two living beings on a level that is void of written or verbal communication or the use of the five senses. One is considered the ?sender? or ?transmitter,? and the other is the ?receiver.?? Telepathy is not limited to humans. It occurs between animals and between humans and animals.

The term telepathy was coined in 1882, by Fredric W. H. Myers, one of the founders of the Society for Psychical Research. The science of parapsychology, which is the study of psi, divides telepathy into three different types.


If you have identified with one or more of these abilities, you have found your answer. Test yourself below.





Learn more about developing these abilities in the Learning Room.


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From Psychotherapist to Psychic


The Self Improvement Show

By Dr. Irene Conlan

Thursday, January 19 at 12 Noon Pacific Time on World Talk Radio Variety Channel,

Donnie Tash, a psychotherapist, was a reluctant psychic. Emerging from a coma after surgical complications he had abilities he had never had before. Much to his own surprise, he was able to communicate with those who have crossed over to the other side as well as communicate with animals. He is currently a co-founder of the website, which is an interactive and educational site dedicated to the psychic/metaphysical realm. The goal of the site is to present all of this information in an understandable and down-to-earth way. The site offers first-hand and unique insights about the afterlife from his experiences as a psychic medium, among other things. We will talk about his fascinating life change, his work with the psychic library as well as his work with both people and animals. I met him at a holistic health gathering and for the first time in the ten year history of the gathering, animals were present and simply led their owners to Donnie’s booth. I watched it as it happened. I have a cat with a very bad habit of using the spot under the piano instead of the litter box which Donnie knew about before I met him.

Be sure to tune into The Self Improvement Show with Dr. Irene Conlan every Thursday at 12 Noon Pacific Time on World Talk Radio Variety Channel
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Spirituality: An Inside Job

Spirituality is a philosophy and personalized system of principles and beliefs. It is universal, yet is customizable. The American Academy of Family Physicians states, ?spirituality is the way you find meaning, hope, comfort and inner peace in your life. Many people find spirituality through religion. Some find it through music, art or a connection with nature. Others find it in their values and principles.?


Spirituality has evolved from all the ancient religions, cults and practices. It represents an interfaith appeal, with its emphasis on an individual?s spiritual growth. A difference does exist between spirituality and religion. Religion focuses on an organized set of written beliefs, stories, guidelines and rituals and is practiced by a group of people. Religion requires participation in a certain set of rules, for example, praying at specific times of the day, celebrating specific holidays or worshiping only the God of that religion.



The Foundation for Holistic Spirituality has defined spirituality as ?the natural human connection with the wonder and energy of nature, cosmos and all existence, and the instinct to explore and understand its meaning.?


An integral part of spirituality is the idea that everyone can connect with and become one with the energy in the universe and all of its mysteries. This experience can happen to anyone, regardless of nationality or whether or not they are religious or an atheist. Gaining a sense of true spirituality can take place at any time in life. It deeply affects lives and allows for the development of an even stronger sense that one?s life matters and that it is worth living.


There is no set way to practice spirituality. It is a personal choice. Some people choose to congregate among themselves to share their common beliefs and to strive for a higher consciousness. New age style congregations might practice spiritual and/or physical healing. Others find their spiritual side by meditating, doing yoga, praying or just going outdoors and experiencing nature?s bounty. Others still, may awaken their spirituality through a self-help or life-empowerment program.


Many psychics and healers base their work on spirituality, which is particularly comforting to them and to the people they assist. Spirituality opens the door to the realization that psychic phenomenon and an afterlife exist. Take this further, and the door opens to the belief in after-death communication and that there is a spirit world comprised of spirit guides, animal guides, angels, archangels and departed souls. Even though not of the physical realm, we are all connected to that part of the universe.


Spirituality must be shared in a loving and comforting way. It does not seek to convert others to its way of thought. It is open to anyone who takes the time to discover it on his own terms and at his own pace. We all revolve with the universe ? the universe does not revolve around us. Spirituality allows the freedom of belief about what your connection to the universe is.


Simply stated, spirituality teaches us that we are all one with each other. We are all connected together by a common thread, which is the universe.


Spiritual Cinema Circle

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Save the Date!

Get the inside scoop about the creation of Psychic Library and what goes on in the mind of a psychic medium.


Psychic Library cofounder and psychic medium, Donnie, is an upcoming guest on the World Talk Radio Variety Channel ?The Self Improvement Show,? hosted by Dr. Irene Conlan. His interview will take place on Thursday, January 19, 2012, at noon, Pacific Time.


Preview her show here.

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