Tarot Card for the Week of 12-8-13

The tarot cards hold special meanings, warnings, characteristics and actions that may need to be taken in order to change your course in life. Keep in mind that some aspects are changeable and some are not. It is all up to you. With the Page of Cups as the tarot card for the week of 12-8-13, this might not be the week to close off your emotions. Put any anxieties or fears aside. Be open to your gut feelings or even your own untapped psychic abilities. You may have more hidden talents than you realize. Also, look into promises that people are making to you — they may not be what they seem. You may be getting some very important news regarding either business or a personal relationship. However, don’t act impulsively, take your time in making decisions. If it is not meant to be, other opportunities will be presented down the road. Is someone holding you back from emotional, financial or spiritual growth? At the end of the week, you decide if the Page of Cups fell in the upright or reversed position for you.


The Page of Cups, Minor Arcana, is a symbol of creativity and imagination. There is a message or some news coming your way. There might be a birth of new ideas or business. It might even symbolize the birth of a child. This is a time for you to express your feelings and do not be afraid of showing intimacy or love. Slow down and listen to your inner voice. The card symbolizes a person who is non-intimidating, gentle, loving, sensitive and highly intuitive — even having psychic abilities. This individual has control of their energies. Accept help from a younger individual if offered. This will be one of the best gifts you can give yourself. This is not a time to sit back, you must take action on the message. The page possesses a childlike wonder, but his sensitive side can lead to becoming anxious and fearful.


You will not be getting good news. This card represents an individual who may be suffering from a grave emotional deficit. He may be subject to substance abuse. This person may end up draining you emotionally. Be aware — this could be abusive. This person will drain you of your creative abilities. This individual may also be very seductive and manipulative. Don’t be seduced by anyone’s empty promises. This person may interrupt or keep you from improving yourself. Also, he is a distraction to future opportunities. Beware of this young, self-centered and immature individual, for he himself is unsure. This person is shutting down your intuition and blocking any psychic messages.






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