Tarot Card for the Week of 5-25-14

The tarot cards hold special meanings, warnings, characteristics and actions that may need to be taken in order to change your course in life. Keep in mind that some aspects are changeable and some are not. It is all up to you. With the Seven of Pentacles as the tarot card for the week of 5-25-14, this week could pave the way for a prosperous financial windfall. You may receive some unexpected financial reward and recognition for work well done. Your patience may be wearing thin however, but with discipline and perseverance some of your goals may be realized. Keep a close eye on your financial budget. You may find that there is more money going out than coming in. Because of this, you may have to rethink a possible new business venture or financial goal. This may be the week that you are beginning to give in to self pity and depression. Instead, step back and take care of yourself and your health. All in all, allow yourself to enjoy the weekend before you go back to the daily grind. At the end of the week, you decide if the Seven of Pentacles fell in the upright or reversed position for you.



The Seven of Pentacles, Minor Arcana, signifies taking control and bringing back balance. You are unnecessarily worrying about your hard work not paying off financially. Your sleepless and anxious nights are not necessary. If your enterprise is satisfying your soul, the money to support it will follow. Recheck your goals to make sure you are on the right path. Plan your moves carefully and keep up the hard work. However, be open to a change in direction. Your financial situation is improving, but be patient, it takes time for savings and other previous investments to accrue.


This card signifies mental and physical exhaustion. Perhaps you may be harboring feelings of defeat and that there is no way out. You have been working like a dog for little money and without any enjoyment. However, do not get discouraged, things may not be as bad as they look. This is not a time for hasty decisions. Gambling and risk are not limited to casinos. Be cautious about where you place your money or who you lend it to. Be wary of shady offers. This desire may be brought on by your impatience and your need to make a quick buck. Don’t let feeling sorry for yourself, undo stress and depression cause you to act too quickly with respect to your finances. These things may become physically taxing, so keep your health in check. Dig deep down into your passions to make anything successful.




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